Beau-Champ a Free-Spirited Place

Beau-Champ, a tiny hamlet, contains a small population. It lies within the Nord Ouest Department close to the North Atlantic Ocean. An arid region, its rainfall is sparse and insignificant as an adequate agriculture resource.


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The town is a Christian mostly Catholic community like many places in Haiti. What makes its religious practices different, however, is that Voodoo dominates the spiritual lives of its people rather than Haiti's official religion, Catholicism. Visitors to the town have noted a Voodoo church, adorned with flags outside. And skulls of the dead are arrayed at the entryway of the building. The inhabitants of the community profess Christian beliefs but privately worship the deities of Voodoo as well.

Beau-Champ dwellers are curious, kind, and hospitable. They enjoy meeting tourists, especially Caucasians, whose light skin color is a source of fascination.

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Life in Beau-Champ is not well-ordered and the residents like it that way. A small town market is always crowded, noisy, and chaotic. No restrictions exist on what the community sells or trades on market day, usually held on a Saturday. Bicycles and pick-up trucks are main modes of transportation in town. And they travel cautiously because roads are unpaved and -graded, a lack of infrastructure common throughout rural regions of Haiti.

The town does receive some healthcare services occasionally provided by Northwest Haiti Christian Missions (NHCM). The delivery of healthcare is yet another chance for residents to enjoy themselves. With sports equipment donated by NHCM, the kids compete in athletic activities such as volleyball and soccer.

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Reynald says...

I completely agree with Mrs Senatus; money is a good source to buy materials things, but cannot buy you happiness.

It's not how much you earn, but it's how you spend it. I believe that you learn a lot here in the U.S. Choosing a small town to live is the best choice.

will contribute a lot to your health because, you will live a simple life peacefully and

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Marie Senatus says...

My Dream is to bo back to Haiti and live peacefullly in a small remote town in Haiti.

i want to be able wake up every day as the sun rises, without any alarm clock.

I need to say to the United States thank you for all you have given me. I have been working here for over thirty years and still don't have much of anything in term of material.

I learn a lot by being here. The most important thing I learned from the United States is that money is not everything.

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