CSCCA Report finds Deceptive Practices favoring Foreign Contactors

The Superior Court of Audits and Administrative Disputes (CSCCA) has just released its report covering 2013-2014 fiscal year. Justice Saint-Juste said the report found suspicious activity relating to government contracts going against public procurement laws. Specifically he said the contracts in question lacked transparency, and were drafted for excessively high amounts. One of the contracts designated for relief funds violated the 2012 emergency law to help famers, who sustained crop losses because of storms Isaac and Sandy.


What CSCCA also found was Petrocaribe had funded 30 projects, of which 33% had no basis in fact. Some 13% had "serious irregularities." CSCCA will audit the questionable projects to affix blame where it belongs.

The Court of Auditors found much of investment spending by the government had a negative impact on the Haitian economy. Foreign companies are being awarded over half of government contracts. What is especially alarming is projects contracted by foreign companies are not being completed, or at risk for not being completed. For example, the Delmas-Carrefour overpass may not see completion. Already past the July 2014 completion deadline, contracting company Estrella has already pocketed $14 million of $30 million awarded for the project.

The government has not abided by procedural requirements when awarding contracts to foreign companies. Three foreign companies are being awarded 68% of contracts. CSCCA says ". . . the country's resources are being used to kill its own competitiveness . . ." and provisions are being ignored for oversight.

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