Candidate Samuel Madistin to Transform Haiti into Modern County

Samuel Madistin, campaigning for the Haitian presidency, is representing People's Patriotic Movement Dessalinien political party. He officially began his run in Saint -Marc's Philippe Guerrier Square. He has an ambitious agenda planned should he be elected to the top position. The top three items of his platform are a secure and inclusive society; advancing the production of goods and services at home and abroad (especially in the agriculture sector); and social reform programs.


Madistin pledges that from day one of his administration he will order a rural police force be formed under the National Police of Haiti for the purposes of stopping cattle rustling, and interlopers from kicking farmers off their land. He wants to re-establish a military body that is constitutionally authorized by first forming an intelligence agency.

He has projects planned to improve the energy infrastructure: two of them the use of city waste products to generate energy, and building a railway system to connect large metropolises. All told, such projects are projected to offer 500,000 employment opportunities to Haitians. In regards to the environment he wants to subsidize reforestation by giving credits to businesses that invest in increasing the canopy cover of Haiti.

Under his administration the Board of Communal Sections will operate the education system, and city and national government resources. An upsurge in environmental tourism will supersede conventional tourism. Finally expect to see construction of an Olympic Village, a scientific research center, and an Information Technology city.

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