Carrefour in Port-au-Prince And Its Tourism Fallout

The town of Carrefour in the Arrondissement of Port-au-Prince was once recognized as the leading tourist destination in the country. A lot of tourists used to come to this suburb of Port-au-Prince during the leadership of Jean Claude Duvalier. It was a prime spot for tourists, making it popular and boosting its potential. However, the time came that it lost its former glory. When Duvalier's reign ended, the city's tourism potential also lost its spark.


Things got even worse when a 7-magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti, devastating many towns and cities, including Carrefour. Because Carrefour was close to the capital, which was greatly affected by the disaster, the town also received a hard blow. Some 40% of all the town's buildings were destroyed, while the supply of electricity and other basic services were cut down, paralyzing the town.

The town that used to boast of beautiful attractions and welcome a high number of visitors had become crowded. Refugees flooded the town after the earthquake, resulting in the construction of tents and makeshift shelters for thousands of people. It marred the town's original beauty and until now, it has yet to bring back its light.

Many relief organizations are helping rehabilitate the town after the destructive earthquake. The international community got involved in relief efforts, as many organizations and governments from outside the country showed support and sent assistance. However, it may take a little while longer before Carrefour can completely recover from the disaster and revive its tourism potential, as the entire country is still coping with it.

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