Ferrier, originally named Maribeaux

Ferrier is a small cityship contained within the Fort Liberté Arrondissement, part of Nord Est Department. Located in north Haiti, it was established in 1932 and originally named Maribeaux. It was raised to the level of a cityship in 1946 and is comprised of a single commune, Maribaboux.


Farmers in Ferrier engage in sustainable farming. They produce oranges, tobacco, and limes, as well as livestock, to provide for themselves. The land in Ferrier is inadequately irrigated, but is a good place to grow rice, and has received funding from non-government organizations (NGO) to do so.

Infrastructure in Ferrier is underdeveloped. No road or electrical systems exist there, and the town is without an airport. If NGO workers want to travel out of the area, they must access airports miles away, the nearest being Les Cayes, and furthest, Port-au-Prince International Airport. The people in Ferrier also lack a hospital. To get medical attention, they must get to the nearest medical facility located 30 miles out of town in Milot.

During the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, a population of several hundred survivors fled to Ferrier. They were originally from Ferrier and had migrated to Port-au-Prince seeking work. In an effort to ease the burden of accommodating the dramatic increase in Ferrier's population, NGOs have been working proactively to convince the returnees to take up rice farming. They are supporting them with food and money, putting them to work in rice fields, in order to give them a means of income.

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