Les Anglais in Haiti focusing on Export

Les Anglais, located on the southwestern peninsula of Haiti, is a township situated in the Chardonnière Arrondissement, part of Sud Department. It lies at sea level with a population of 25,652, with three divisions that comprise it: Edelin, Pod, and Verona.


Les Anglais was settled by the British in 1774. The town became quickly allied with British troops, because the French wanted to re-institute slavery in the region, even though it had been previously outlawed.

Agriculture is the main economic force in town, and farmlands produce fruits, coffee, and tobacco. Non-government agencies have seen the capacity for growth in the area of exportation of foodstuffs. But in order for Les Anglais to be an exporter, a gathering of commerce and education forces, and knowledge of economic realities must coalesce for the vision to manifest. For instance, farmers must learn quality assurance control to make their products more marketable.

Les Anglais endures heavy rains like the rest of Haiti, and is ever vulnerable to hurricanes sweeping the coastlines of Haiti, all too frequently. The year 2008 was especially bad, when several hurricanes buried the town in roiling flood waters. The destruction of homes, farmlands, and livestock was devastating.

A creative community exists in Les Anglais, some of whom are inventors. For example, one inventor has built a stove that requires less fuel to operate. Named the Miracle Stove, it has allowed families to save money so they can spend on other needed items.

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