Livelihood In the town of Carice, Haiti

Thousands of people live in Carice, a remote town located in the Vallieres arrondissement in Haiti. According to statistics, the town has about 12,000 residents. Carice is a rural area without as many sources of livelihood as in cities and industrialized towns. This is why people rely on agriculture for their main livelihood. Farmers in the town mostly harvest mangoes, bananas and coffee, which are considered the main and most popular products in the area.


Though agriculture is the main source of livelihood in the town, deforestation is still common. As a matter of fact, deforestation affected the soil quality in the town. Despite this, however, the production of crops remains and continues to support people's livelihood.

Deforestation is not the only problem that the town faces when it comes to agriculture. Floods also provide a challenge to farmers. The climate in Carice ranges from tropical hot to wet. During rainy season, floods occur in parts of the town, affecting crops production. Aside from crop production woes, floods also affect the transportation in the area. Roads become impassable during floods and river banks are damaged. Because of this, residents often walk and use donkeys to go around the town.

When it comes to air travel, people in Carice have to go to Port-au-Prince or Cap-Haitien International Airport for a flight.

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