Maissade, a Rural Community of Haiti

Maissade, known in Creole as Mayisad, is a city-ship in the Hinche Arrondissement, part of Centre Division in Haiti. It is a rural area with a population of 43,138. Maïssade's central location positions it as a portal town to many of the port-, sea- and mountain-side villages peppered throughout this centralized region. Business travelers find Maïssade a convenient drop-off point from where they can range in a multitude of directions to neighboring villages.


Maissade, Haiti

Haiti is serious about attracting private investment to the island, and has made many concessions to make starting businesses in the country easier. Haitian government organizations partnering with entities like the Inter-American Development Bank are educating private investors about development opportunities in Haiti. The investment management teams of these companies accompany investors to seminars and forums, designed to acquaint them with projects currently being developed for investment purposes.

Maïssade serves as an example of the potential remote parts of the country have for becoming tourist attractions off-the-beaten-path. Besides agriculture exports and industrial parks creating more jobs, developing new tourist destinations will increase Haiti's revenue base. Private investment in the hospitality industry will also create more chances for the residents to work and put food on the table for their families.

Maïssade is steadily becoming a business mecca. The town contains several luxury hotels, many of them 5- and 4-star. More affordable accommodations also exist, with generous discount rates found online, for university students here to improve living conditions in Maïssade and elsewhere in Haiti.

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Sherry Patrick says...

In your article you state that there are several hotels in Maissade.

Can you please tell me the names and how to contact them. We are planning a mission trip to Maissade in November of this year and as yet have been unable to find lodging in Maissade.

Thank you, Sherry

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