Mineral Wealth of Trou-du-Nord will not Benefit Haitians

Trou-du-Nord is a cityship, capital of the Trou-du-Nord Arrondissement, and part of Nord Est Department. It lies in the northeast region of Haiti, with a population of 37,405 residents living in three sub-divisions, Garcin, Roucou and Roche-Plate.


The education system has a smattering of primary and secondary schools, whose students need sponsorships to pay tuition and school supplies. The primary organization offering sponsorships is the L'eglise Baptiste Trou-du-Nord Church, funding the education of 300 schoolchildren at its eponymous school.

The most pressing health challenge in Trou-du-Nord is the presence of malaria that is everywhere. The American Red Cross has a distribution program, whereby it hands out bed-nets to child-bearing women and young children. The program has been an enormous success, lowering the cases of the lethal illness significantly.

Agriculture provides the main means of income for residents. Farmlands grow regular crops of sisal, tobacco, sugar cane, and fruit varieties.

When the 2010 earthquake hit, Trou-du-Nord felt its effects. The quake produced two results: tectonic plates grinding together created deep fissures, toppling Haiti, and uncovering lodes of gold, silver, and copper. Mining of these ores is estimated at $20 billion. Foreign investors are keen to get in on the ground level of this investment opportunity.

The downside of this potential mineral wealth is two-fold: threat of environmental contaminants that will affect communities, and the government of Haiti, a hot-bed of corruption, that cannot be trusted to manage this windfall for the benefit of its people.

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