Pilate, Model Library

Pilate, a rural town, is a cityship in the Arrondissement of Plaisance, part of Nord Department. With a population of about 40,445 residents, it is comprised of eight communes: Ballon, Baudin, Ravine-Trompette, Joly, Dubourg, Riviere-Laporte, Margot, and Piment.


Agriculture is the main means of income, and farmers use subsistence-farming methods. Farmlands produce cocoa, yams, rice, and beans. Two crops grown that make up an essential component in the local diet are coffee and peanut butter. The town market, open all week, becomes more crowded on Saturdays, when people come from out of town.

Road infrastructure in Pilate is inferior. Dirt roads and cobblestone streets are hard to navigate by bike or car.

Vicar Father Pollux Byas has done much to help Pilate develop its infrastructure in areas of healthcare, education, agriculture, and the economy. Partnering with the Community Development Movement of Pilate (CDMP) a non-government organization (NGO), he has created a micro-lending program for farmers, a medical facility, and a literacy program.

Father Byas has joined forces with other NGOs to strengthen Pilate's literacy program. Saskia Van Vactor, Director of Education Initiatives at Basic Science Partnership (BSP), and Jacques Jean, President of Universal Learning Center (ULC), brought a library of French-written books to stock the newly-built and only library in Pilate, while BSP furnished it with computers. The Canadian government donated the books. All stakeholders in this venture want the Pilate Learning Center to be a prototype for other community libraries across Haiti.

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