The Haitian Town of Thomonde

Thomonde, part of the Hinche Arrondissement, rests in the Central Plateau of Haiti. Ruled over by a city council and mayor, it has a population of 4,000, with French and Creole its official languages. A Catholic community, its population celebrates the feast day of its patron saint, Saint Joseph, in March of every year.


Thomonde, Haiti

Agricultural farming predominates, and farmers grow crops of bananas, mangoes, coffee, and tobacco. Some farmers are beekeepers. Residents depend on donkeys and horses for transportation.

To strengthen the town's infrastructure, the Thomonde city council has partnered with the Border Development Commission to fund an $8 million project. The goal is to build greenhouses that will house plant varieties indigenous to the region. Deforestation has left large acreages of land barren and disrupted the ecosystem. Plant cultivation for use in reforestation efforts, plus tree seedlings that have already been put into the ground, will strengthen agriculture production in these areas.

Another phase of the program will build affordable housing units. When completed families will be moving into two- and three-bedroom homes.

In the area of healthcare, a non-government organization, the University of Miami, is helping make improvements treating infectious diseases, and has launched the Thomonde Community Health Program. This program recruits, gives instruction, and avails local healthcare workers of the knowledge and implementation methods to fight infectious diseases like HIV and AIDS.

Although located in a rural area of Haiti, Thomonde is only 37 miles away from the Toussaint Louverture International Airport.

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