The Town of Cabaret and its Challenges

Life has not been easy for people living in Cabaret, which is one of the two towns forming the Arrondissement of Arcahaie in the Ouest Department. About 63,450 people are residing in the town and for the past years, they have faced a lot of challenges, including deaths and calamities.


In 2010, Haiti has been hit by a devastating earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people. In relation with this, Cabaret has witnessed the deadly impact of the calamity as it served as mass graves for the victims. Outside Titanyen, which is one of the settlements in Cabaret, mass graves were dug for the victims of the earthquake. Some parts of the fields were chosen so as to have a place to lay the victims to rest.

The small industrial town of Lafiteau, which is located in the south of Titanyen, was also instrumental to the relief operations during the earthquake's aftermath. It was where most ships docked to provide relief aid to people affected by the disaster.

Aside from facing challenges brought about by calamities, Cabaret is a town where many people suffered from violence during the reign of the Duvaliers. According to reports, many people in the town have been victims of the dictatorship perpetuated by "Papa Doc" and "Baby Doc" Duvaliers. Despite this, the people in Cabaret reportedly avoided too much violence after the fall of the Duvaliers. As a matter of fact, they showed little violence when the dictators' reign ended. Cabaret is also known for being the center of Duvalier's accomplishments.

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