The Town of Verrettes an Example of Sustainable Farming in Haiti

Verrettes is a city-ship that is part of the Saint-Marc Arrondissement. Like Saint-Michel-de-l'Atalaye, Verrettes has not experienced the fractious political climate that has besieged other cities in Haiti. Very little crime happens there, and the cultural life of the city centers around the downtown music scene.


Verrettes, Haiti

Economically, Verrettes is self-sustaining, obtaining its produce and meat products from family-owned farms in the countryside. The city's business elite run small- and mid-scale businesses in town, while residing just outside the business district.

Of chief importance to the people of Verrettes is education. All inhabitants of the city, rich or poor, ensure their children receive schooling. Verrettes education system instructs children at the kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. Wealthier residents of the city have their children attend private schools in Port-au-Prince.

Like most other cities in Haiti, residents are practicing Catholics and Protestants, with a smattering of Voodoo believers among them.

The farming community of Fonds-Verrettes practices sustainable farming. They participate in the program, Plant with Purpose (PWP), which has taught them composting, soil conservation, natural fertilization methods, and erosion reduction. PWP has also instructed them in micro-lending, teaching the farming community how to re-capitalize their businesses.

Some weaknesses exist in Verrettes' infrastructure. During President Dumarsais Estimé's rule, his government funded city projects, including efficient sewage and water delivery systems. But plans to add sidewalks to newly-constructed streets never achieved completion. As a result, Verrettes still has a rural feel in certain areas of the city today.

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