Town of Tiburon in Haiti

Haiti's Tiburon Peninsula, at the bottom of the border Haiti and the Dominican Republic share, spans the entire southern coastline, pointing west towards Cuba. Several departments of Haiti are situated within this region: Grand Anse, Nippes, Sud, and Sud-Est. A major portion of Ouest Department is also located in the region.


Several mountain ranges encircle the peninsula: Morne Bitoche, Morne Bruler, Morne Cali, and Morne Epine. The town of Tiburon, close to Epine, offers breath-taking views of the Caribbean Sea from its many picturesque beaches made of sugar-white sand. The inhabitants of Tiburon are pleasant and gentle, although very poor, as is the case with 70% of Haiti's population.

Tiburon residents subsist on a diet of rice and beans, with enough fishing to provide for the community. Talk about improving the economy in Tiburon has taken place in government departments, but no projects have been planned so far. What must happen in order for the economy to start thriving is to give fishermen and farmers the tools they need to produce a larger volume of goods for export.

The school infrastructure is weak. Classrooms are jerry-built structures and very few teachers have been certified to teach. Children have no shoes to wear to class, which discourages them from attending. One school in town that has certified instructors, textbooks, school supplies, and proper classrooms to learn in is operated by Tiburon Baptist Church. Its project, called Hope for Kidz, receives funding from an affiliated church in the area.

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