Mauritania and Haiti, two countries with highest slave population

It is said that human trafficking is the modern form of slavery, and with Haiti and Mauritania to judge by, emancipation may be an outdated term that no longer holds up in water today. With the statistics stating that some nearly 30 million people are living under varying kinds of involuntary servitude, slavery is still a scourge on humanity today. The problem is that it has taken on new names. But, does this rose smell any less like slavery?


Debt bondage, sexual exploitation and forced marriages are some of the new euphemisms used to make modern day slavery more inconspicuous and in the two mentioned countries the trick seems to be working. While Mauritania and Haiti hold the highest proportions of people considered to be slaves, China, India and Pakistan hold the highest absolute numbers. The transgressors in these countries operate against the mandate of the international treaty, the 1926 Slavery Convention as well as the UN Trafficking Protocol.

It gets it start in the wealthy feeding off those in poverty. Native slaves tend to come from the poorest countries, some in India never even leaving the villages they were born in, and those from other world countries travel to richer countries, often illegally, and find themselves trafficked.

Of the ten countries currently on the list with the most incidences of slavery, including The Russian Federation, Nigeria, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Myanmar, Ethiopia and Bangladesh, Mauritania is the one most like the previous experience of slavery. There, the 150,000 slaves are considered no more than chattel, the property of the ones who own them. In Haiti, most of the 200,000 slaves there are children.

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