Rural Haitian Children have strong sense of family obligation

A study recently conducted by the University of Illinois has highlighted a surprising trend among Haitian teens, and has also highlighted, in some aspects, how they differ from those in a much richer country.


While not having been directly impacted from a financial standpoint by the earthquake in 2010, Haitian teens are adapted to living in states of poverty not dreamt of by most American teens. According to the study, what has been found is that those Haitian teens living in mostly rural areas of Haiti, who suffer from the direst cases of poverty, have little knowledge of, or the desire to follow the more American lifestyle.

These children become uniquely adapted to their impoverished way of life, to the point of becoming necessary, hardworking cogs in the family wheel. They will, especially the boys of the household, show the utmost respect and obedience to the demands of their parents with a view to helping out and learn to deal with the lack of money, food and other amenities like electricity. Still, the loss can, over the course of their life, affect them in much the same way as a much bigger catastrophe the study says.

Besides their families, Haitian teens develop a strong tie to the Haitian culture. They embody the creativeness of Haitian art and other forms of expression, the rich storytelling, the colorful art, driving beats and poignant lyrics all embodying the vibrant heart of Haitian culture, and with the children as its future, Haitian culture should be alive and well for years to come.

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