Should there be a Bar for Gay and Lesbian to meet in Haiti?

I think we need to start talking about this subject. Is there room for people who are gay or lesbian in Haiti? Due to several incidents of violence on gay and lesbian people in Haiti recently, many think that Haiti is one of the most hostile countries in the world in regard to LGBT. If you listen to the demonstrators protesting against gay and lesbian in Haiti, you would believe that there is no room for these people in Haiti. Some members of the society think it's OK to even commit physical violence against anyone who expresses these tendencies.


Min, depi mwen te tou piti, mwen konnin te ginyin moun ki te Masisi an Haiti! Pa examp, Mwen leve nan Vill Okap. Mwen pap di non yo, min te gin 5 ou 6 gran neg nan vill la, se te gro masisi devan leternel. Te ginyin anpil ti Masisi tou.

Mwen songe te ginyin nan yo ki te gro chef, e ke nou pa te ka oze pran plezi sou yo. Te gin tou yon bann Pè Katolik, Pastè ki tape demonte anpil timoun, jen moun ki gin problem lajan, etc.. Se te yon bagay kote: "Rat Konnin, Chat Konnin, Barik Mayi-a rete la.

Se ki vrè problem la ki fè konyè-a ke you pa ka kite moun sa yo gin yon kote pou yo rankantre moun tankou yo?

Mwen panse, si yo lib e gin yon kote pou yo renkontre moun tankou yo, ti moun nou yo gin plis chans pou yo pa ta tombe nam min yonn nan yo

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Kaoukaw says...

i don't think it's a good idea because Haiti have serious problem to deal

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Sandman says...

NO, under no circumstance should the recovering island allow itself to be distracted by the secular Leftist b.s. that is currently driving the US in the ground and running the Whitehouse with the clear intent to outsource "gay" filth to other countries.

Haiti needs to steer clear of these U.S. and European culturally driven destructive types of diversions which include anything associated with homosexuality, gay, queer, LGBT or whatever the politically correct or incorrect language is that dominates in the sinking U.S. The island needs to focus like a laser beam on development, economic growth, independence from foreign influences, continuing recovery from the earthquake, financial growth, jobs, more jobs, infrastructure construction projects, education, schools, health care and

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Pierre says...

Why don't we make it a 53 states what they want its corruption everywhere in this planet is corrupt by one country and Idont have said, where is the right for man who take care of his family what right they try to inforces on the public.

about you guy stop tell people you want you guay be guay live your life don't force on me about if I force u to be right I

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Subject: Should there be a Bar for Gay and Lesbian to meet in Haiti? edit

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