Marie Danielle Bernadin dropped Rape complaint against Josue Pierre-Louis

Was the pressure too much? Did she get a pay off? Was the allegation of rape a fabrication in the mind of Danielle Marie Bernadin? We will never know.


Danielle Marie Bernadin who accused of the President of Electoral Council, Josué Pierre-Louis, of raping her renounces her alleged pursuit of the aggressor.

In a document signed on 27 January 2013, in the presence of two lawyers Josué Pierre-Louis, Me Reynold Georges and Fritzto Canton, declares to waive it "freely and without any constraint" to every action and pursuit initiated against her alleged attacker.

Source: AlterPresse

Something smells very fishy to me

Is this the same Danielle Marie Bernadin who came out and stated that she was slapped over twenty times by Josue Pierre-Louis

Why this sudden change of heart on the part of the victim?
Will Josue Pierre-Louis take legal action Character assassination? if not why?

If the charges were truth, doesn't Danielle Marie Bernadin have an obligation to set the example so it doesn't happen to other women in the future?

I have an idea, we should start accusing people in public position and later settle for a sum of money

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Subject: Marie Danielle Bernadin dropped Rape complaint against Josue Pierre-Louis edit

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