Breaking News - Dual Nationality is now the law in Haiti

It finally happened in Haiti after so many years of fight.


The Haitian lawmakers voted late on Sunday to ament the Haitian constitution and allow dual nationality to Haitians living overseas.

This is a historic day....

Now it is a fact that Haitians all over the world will have more rights and be more involved in building Haiti's future.

These Haitians currently living in the United States, Canada, France, Dominican Republic, Bahamas and other countries in the world can now own land and rune for some public offices in Haiti


How do you feel about the new law just passed by the Haitian lawmakers to allow dual nationality?

Are are the positive and the negative signs about it?

Please comment

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Negswa says...

our Haitian brothers should know that will allow better opportunities for the country due to different perspectives from all over the world.

we, Haitians, are v very smart.

we just need to be conscious and care about our country instead of our pockets.

it is true that we have to eat, but please, let 75% goes to the

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Anna Delia says...

I will be Happyto be back in Haiti to live, I was born in dom rep.I been living in London for several years, them now i'm in Canada.

It will be a pleasure for me to back in Hiati.

We always work for white people and never have a good respect.

Racist is lways te fact and never well know as a

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Gongon says...

I love back to my country, because my country is a nice place to lives, One thing i need security first.

Everyones like return back home to build Haiti.

I hope with the new administration come up in the next two days he will take care the situation in hand to provide security, he have a good idea to etablish a new force to give security this is a good idea. I hope very soon i return back to my country i love so

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Janbou says...

I finally feel that Haiti is in a good path for success.

After over two hundred years of destructions, the Haitians are finally putting their head together to build their nation.

I just hope these new attitude can remain.

We arre a great nation.

If only we know how important as a country we are, we would act differently.

God bless Haiti and its

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Lolo says...

A country that I love so much haiti.

I am going back to my country.

I have been living in the United States for 36 years and it has always been my dream to go back to my country.

With these new developments, I believe I now have a chance to go back and contribute

Thank you all who made this

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Marie Rose P. says...

Now an can finally see a bright future for Haiti.

I expect the Haitian diaspora to go back to their loved country and start building.

We will make a difference in

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Janbou says...

It finally happened and I am so glad. We Haitians living all over the world can now participate in the development of our country.

We love our country and want to make a difference

This is the best thing that happened to Haiti for a long time

Bravo haiti

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