Devastating Consequences For Haiti following Hurricane sandy

Haiti is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which killed dozens of people and damaged crops in the country late last month. Reports said that more than 50 people died and others went missing when strong rains and winds wreaked havoc in the country, especially in the southern part. Heavy downpour continued for three days, causing widespread floods and road blockades. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe said earlier that the entire South was submerged. In the southern city of Les Cayes, most neighborhoods were flooded and hundreds of people lost their homes.


Hurricane Sandy destroyed concrete homes and even tent camps, where about 370,000 people who were still affected by the 2010 earthquake, were taking refuge. Crops were also damaged, with the production of bananas and breadfruit, which are main staples in the country, hampered.

In the wake of the disaster, officials are now worrying about the calamity's effects on people's health. They are preparing for a possible cholera outbreak and for other water-borne diseases because of the widespread flooding.

The government has already renewed their calls for international aid. The government aired concern over food shortage, given the amount of crops damaged. It also highlighted various health issues due to unsanitary conditions in many towns and communities. Currently, there are international charity organizations providing relief to those affected by the disaster. Among these are Oxfam and ActionAid USA.

Hurricane Sandy is seen as another major challenge for Haiti, as it still trying to recover from the deadly earthquake two years ago. The government, as well as aid groups, are working on improving the situation and helping people deal with everything.

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