Evan Muncie rescued from Haiti Earthquake after one Month

This is incredible. See the picture for yourself. A 28-year-old Haitian survived the Haiti earthquake for almost one Month. This very lucky Haitian endured nearly four weeks pinned under rubble in a house in Port-au-Prince.


The name of this Haitian who made it alive is Evan Muncie. Doctors said that Evan Muncie was having difficulty comprehending his situation, seeming to believe that he was still trapped in the ruins of the marketplace where, according to his family, he had been buried since January 12. The mother of Evan Muncie, in an interview said "I thought he was dead. But God kept him from dying,".

Fewer than 150 people have been rescued since an earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince, razing 250,000 homes. The Haitian Government estimates that 230,000 people were killed, matching the death toll of the 2004 Asian tsunam.

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