Haiti is not ready for Hurricane Tomas

Can you believe this, Haiti is in the path yet to be hit with another disaster. The National Hurricane Center reported that Hurricane Tomas is moving toward Haiti. This hurricane is close to a category 3 and picking up speed.


Hurricane Thomas in Haiti

Have you seen the prediction and the map issued by The National Hurricane Center? It seems like Hurricane Tomas intends to inflict Haiti with the most pain. It appears that we will be attached from the south of us where the biggest areas to be hit will be Cayes and Jacmel. Hurricane Tomas will likely move north to the rest of the country

What will happen to these currently living under the tents around Port-au-Prince if in fact hurricane Thomas hit Haiti?

According to the forecast for hurricane Tomas, there is currently a 40% chance of tropical-storm winds around Port-au-Prince in the nest few days.

This is just adding "Apse sou Clou". We are already dealing with two major issues, January earthquake and Cholera

I am a faithful person, however now I have to ask the question:

What's going on with Haiti?

Can someone tell Hurricane Tomas that we have enough in our plate?

Do you have an answer for me?

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Jocelin says...

I think the earthquake, Cholera and now Hurricane Thomas in Haiti is a good time to make the Haitian population think.

We need to be closer to God because all these are signes that the Loard is coming soon. Haiti needs to cut tide with Voodoo, killing people, burning people and become a loving people.

We all Haitians are now paying for our sins. Go to church and pray for a better

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