Jean Max Bellerive Government Finally has a Plan For Haiti

Jean Max Bellerive government has drafted a broad plan to remake Haiti after last month's devastating earthquake. The Plan aims at reducing the size of Port-au-Prince and boosting other Haitian Cities in moves that would reverse two centuries of Haiti history. According to Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive: The plan is aimed not only at repairing the earthquake damage, but also reinventing Haiti to try to cure some of the ills that have made it the western hemisphere's poorest nation. The Haiti Plan will have two goals: A Short-Term Goal and a Long-Term Goal. The plan will be presented to international donors at a conference in New York on March 31.


a) Jean Max Bellerive government plans to return as many refugees as possible to the places they fled.

b) Jean Max Bellerive government is no longer stressing tents, which are unlikely to withstand the Haiti's torrential rainy season that is expected to begin in earnest in early April.

c) Jean Max Bellerive government is trying to distribute waterproof plastic tarpaulins that experts say can last for years, and can be more easily adapted into more permanent shelters.

d) Officials lay out a complicated procedure by which government workers will make a census of refugees, while engineers simultaneously determine what structures in shattered neighborhoods are safe and which must be demolished.

e) After completing both lists, they plan to move refugees into safe buildings while razing unsafe ones. They would entice refugees to return by distributing food, water and providing other services.

a) The plan envisions a decentralized Haiti in which the other cities and towns can offer jobs that in the past have only been available in Port-au-Prince.

Mr. Bellerive said Haiti had moved on from "the total chaos" following the quake. "Now, it's a controlled chaos," he said, smiling.

But he says it's important that it be a Haitian plan. "When we go to the donors' conference, we will have a plan to say here's where we want to be in three years, five years and 10 years," says Mr. Bellerive. "We are willing to adapt the plan with the international community, but the basis is our vision of the future."

Your opinion counts.

What do you think about this plan for Haiti coming from Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive?

What are the things that are good about the Plan?

What's wrong with Bellerive plan for Haiti?

Who were involved in creating Haiti Plan?

Were other groups involved in developing the plan, (political, religious, important associations, the Haitian Diaspora, etc..)? if no, why not?

Were inputs requested from the general public?

Why is the Long-Term goal so broard?

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