Progress Report Four Years after Quake

The Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe on 10th January, just before the fourth anniversary of the massive earthquake in Haiti, has submitted a progress report on rebuilding of the country by his government. The Haitian Prime Minister while addressing a group of journalists on this occasion was accompanied by senior government officials. He described an outline of the country's rebuilding efforts on different areas like construction, housing, education and tourism since the devastating quake.


The Prime Minister through a visual representation demonstrated how the affected people living in settlements were rehabilitated in over 5,000 newly constructed homes. The journalists were also informed about the different aspects on country's economic progress like influx of over 70,000 tourists in last year, distribution of seed kits to the farmers and blooming of Haitian economy during the process of reconstruction. Following the talk, in a brief interview to the Associated Press, the Prime Minister Lamothe expressed his satisfaction over the whole process considering the enormous initial challenges and lack of resources.

The devastating earthquake on January 14th, 2010 took around 316,000 lives; some 1.5 million people were homeless. There were once 1.5 million people living in the gloomy encampments but an international aid organization says that number is now 146,000 which, however, in any way do not reflect an increase in housing availability but a mix of distribution of rental subsidies, voluntary departures, and violent evictions. Many humanitarian groups and foreign governments rushed to offer billions of dollars in the reconstruction aid immediately after the earthquake but that never flowed as promised due to global economic crisis and mistrust to the corrupted Haitian political system. The Prime minister has acknowledged these facts and has stated that his government has drafted future plans and legislation so that an estimated 10,000 activist groups and NGOs can work without a flaw in Haiti.

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