Useful Tips For Flooding

The number of lives lost through flooding is alarming. Floods have also damaged people's property and countries' expensive infrastructure. It is therefore of high importance to be on the alert. Here are some of the tips to keep you prepared before the next flood finds you unaware.


Number one; you need to know how prone your area is to flooding. You can get this information from the Red Cross chapter in your locality.

Know the signs. If your area is experiencing heavy unending downpour, be alert another flood may just be knocking. On the contrary, flash floods may not prepare you; it takes a few minutes to a few hours for a flash flood to develop.

Listen for flood information from local radio or TV station. Two terms are normally used: A flood watch and a flood warning. Flood watch means there is a possibility of flooding in your area. When flooding is already occurring, a flood Warning is issued.

When they issue a flood watch, get ready by moving your furniture and home valuables to the higher floors of your house. Make sure your car's gas tank is filled; an evacuation notice may be issued any time.

If flooding has already begun, evacuate immediately. Your speed to move out is what will save you. Look for higher grounds. In case your car stalls in flooding waters, leave it immediately and run to higher ground.

If your electrical and gas appliances have been wet, avoid using them. Get them dried up by a qualified repairman and have the damaged ones fixed. Damaged or wet appliances may cause electrical shock or overheat and cause fire.

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