Where did the money collected for Haiti Earthquake go?

After the 2010 earthquake that shook Haiti and brought it down to rubbles, $13 billion was pledge by philanthropists, international institutions and foreign governments. Yet another $9 + billion funds were collected in private and public donations for reconstruction of Haiti or humanitarian aid. That sounds impressive but unfortunately, other than serving the construction of Korean sweatshops and luxury hotels for the foreigners, the collected $22+ billion aid barely left any footprints in Haiti.


Thousands and thousands of Haitians still live in tents and hunger is playing is dirty game while clean water is luxury commodity that can be accessed by only a handful. It was found that 94% of the aid money collected eventually ended up with the civilian and military entities of the donors, which include international NGOs, private contractors and U.N. Agencies. The Haitian government received barely 1% of the relief funds accumulated.

United States Agency for International Development managed to spend on 31% of the total of 651 million USD that was allocated for Haitian reconstruction and humanitarian aid, says a recent Government Accountability Office report. The report stated that the United States Agency for International Development was supposed to build 15,000 houses for the Haitians but is current plans are of building 2,649 houses only and that agency actually lacks accurate and complete reporting.

The private U.S. companies are still devouring Haiti. For instance, DynCorp, a military contractor, received $48.6 million contract for providing the discredited U.N. Mission with private security guards. The United States is actually pressing Haiti to rework its mining laws so that foreign companies find it more accommodating.

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