Economic Forum of the private sector wants Pierre-Louis Opont out of the CEP

It appears that not only some of the members of the CEP are on shaky ground but also its president as well. The Economic Forum of the private sector made it public that it wants to see Mr. Pierre Louis Opont out of the CEP. According to the coordinator of the Economic Forum, Gregory Brandt, the Forum took notes that the CEP was unable to accomplish its task which is to conduct the election process in order to have a new president in the country on February 7th, and requests that Mr. Pierre-Louis Opont be relieved of his duties to allow the country to find a solution to the current crisis


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Haitian Kreyol:

Forum Ekonomik nan sektè prive a vle Pierre-Pouis Opont soti nan CEP a

Li parèt ke se pa sèlman kèk nan manm nan CEP a ki tè enstab men tou, prezidan an. Forum Ekonomik nan sektè prive a te fè li piblik ke li vle wè Mesye Pierre Louis Opont soti nan CEP a. Dapre koòdonatè nan Forum Ekonomik, Gregory Brandt, Forum lan te pran nòt ke CEP a pa te kapab akonpli travay li ki se fè pwosesis eleksyon nan lòd pou gen yon nouvo prezidan nan peyi a sou 7 Fevriye.Li mande ke Mr. Pierre-Louis Opont bay demisyon li pou pèmèt peyi a jwenn yon solisyon nan kriz kounye a

Kisa ou panse?

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Subject: Economic Forum of the private sector wants Pierre-Louis Opont out of the CEP edit

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