The education system in Haiti faces shortages in educational supplies and qualified teachers, and the rural population remains underrepresented in the country%u2019s classrooms.There are many challenges. Currently, most Haitian schools are private rather than state-funded

Haitian Author Edwidge Danticat's Persevering Spirit Triumphs in Her Work

Highly-honored Haitian-American writer, Edwidge Danticat began life in Port-au-Prince in 1969. Her parents abandoned her to the care of her paternal uncle while they pursued a better life in America, leaving her with him for eight years in one of Port-au-Prince's worst neighborhoods.

When she was a pre-teen her parents requested she come and live with them in a suburb outside of Manhattan. She arrived and was enrolled in school where her inability to speak English caused students to bully her. Undaunted, she persevered and learned English well enough to submit an article, "A Haitian-American Christmas: Cremas and Créole Theatre" to a teen publication.

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Tips To Improve Swimming Skills this Summer

So you're going out to swim this summer in hopes of avoiding the summer heat. Well played! You will not only find hours of enjoyment while keeping yourself cool, you'll also be contributing less to the high demand on energy summer creates. But, whether you choose a community pool, or any naturally occurring body of water safe for human summer frolicking, remember these quick swimming tips.

1) A tip about the tips: Try mastering them one at a time. The technical nature of the sport demands time for your body to learn and internalize the moves. This of course leads to...
2) Practice! Use drills, swimming the same distance using the same techniques. And time yourself, setting goals and keeping score can motivate you. You can even video your practices. You can then study your form like a real athlete.
3) Think long and sleek. A streamlined posture reduces drag and helps you move faster.
4) Flippers can help strengthen your leg muscles and influence your body's positioning. Once they've served their purpose though, ditch them but maintain the principles.
5) Stretch out in the water to expand your reach, and cup your hands to gain traction. Olympian swimmers take half our 20 strokes to complete a length. Working to cut strokes not only makes you faster but it saves you energy.
6) Don't splatter about; silence is the key. Minimizing your kick in the water and slicing rather than clapping your hands in the water creates less friction against your body, saving you energy.
7) Also, breathe easy. Rotate your entire body, starting with your hips, to catch your breath. It's a hard trick to learn, but it's what separates the men from the fishes.

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12th Edition of Genie Royal National or Royal National Genius in Cap-Haitien

Royal Marketing recently announced the launch of the popular general knowledge school game 'Génie Royal National' (Royal National Genius). The organizers intended this, the 12th edition of the series, to continue the healthy competition and the fostering of camaraderie between schools.

14 schools from 5 different departments across the country competed for the 2013 School Champion title. Traditional subject categories of geology and social sciences, biology, history and physics, mathematics and chemistry awaited those schools which made it past the playoff process of selection. Along with those topics, questions of actuality and general knowledge were also asked.

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Universite Publique - Sud Au Cayes

Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes or Public University of South Cayes, popularly known as UPSAC was founded by the Haitian government in the year 1999. It was an act of decentralizing Haiti's public higher education. Thus, the mission of Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes is to train researchers, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals in Department of the South. As of date, the university or UPSAC has nearly 1,500 students who are spread across three different sectors that include legal sciences, administrative sciences and education sciences.

These localized formation provinces are keenly supported by the Republic of Haiti's Directorate of Higher Education so that higher education can be made accessible to the majority of the graduates while the congestion in the faculties at Port-au-Prince can be reduced. The Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes is the member of Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie network and the UPSAC is supposed to be equipped by the PENDHA (Education Plan Digital Remote for Higher Education and Research in Haiti) project, a digital space for better educational facilities.

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Universite Episcopal D'Haiti

Nursing is a noble occupation in which the focus is on the care of patients so they may regain or attain, then maintain their best health and a satisfactory quality of life. In Haiti, the nurses entering this field in the recent past are almost certainly graduates from one school, the Episcopal University of Haiti in Belval, Léogâne. The Faculty of Nursing Science of the Episcopal University took on its first class in January of 2005. In the 8 years since they've been in operation, the school has seen five graduating classes. The nursing course they offer is a four-year program, the only one of its kind in Haiti.

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CREFIMA Universite, Haiti

Can one become licensed in their chosen career field in as little as three months?

CREFIMA Université promises this is indeed possible. The private university in Port-au-Prince, which was founded in 2004, boasts courses that take three years for complete certification in the fields of Finance, Accounts, Management, and Project Management. Adding to this impressive roster, they also give courses in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Marketing.

To become enrolled at CREFIMA Université and benefit from their accelerated learning courses, designed to get professional, competent people out into the work force at a quicker pace, but without sacrificing education, one must meet the requirements of, for the first year, a degree in Bacc2, for the second and third year, a degree in Bacc2 plus a first or second year university course.

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Haiti Language Crisis - Do they speak French or Creole

Language is an important aspect in any nation. It is what unites a country and bridges it with the international community. More importantly, language is what makes every citizen understand each other.

That seems not to be the case in Haiti.

Having a language barrier can be a challenge to any country. Haiti faces language difficulties as there are two main languages that are widely used: the Creole and the French. People and linguists have different opinions on both these languages and how they affect Haiti society.

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Les Cayes Tourism School To Open

Haiti has taken another step forward to boost the country's tourism industry. In a bid to improve the quality of the country's tourism services, the Ministry of Tourism is all set to open a training school in Les Cayes. The Hotel and Tourism Training Institute was established to train and hone the skills of only 60 students. Under the program, the students will be taught and trained by professionals who will be recruited from Les Cayes and from the Hotel School of Port-au-Prince.

Students can now enroll as the admission period will last until February 15. The training school will offer various subjects and programs involving the reception and accommodation of tourists, as well as housekeeping and bar services. The program is meant to enhance the skills of Haiti students in order to provide the best of services to tourists.

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University Henri Christophe Gets Books From Leonel Fernandez

University Henri Christophe gets a donation of around 13,000 books from the former President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez. With the addition of these books, the number of books for reference available for students at the University has tripled.

These books have been offered by a book distributor group called Follett, based in the United States. Contribution to the donation to a lesser extent has been made by UNESCO as well.

Gratitude Expressed

Teachers and students of Haiti expressed their gratitude to Leonel Fernandez and the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic had helped the construction of the University Henri Christophe in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake at a cost of 30 million dollars. It was also assisted by Supervising Engineers Office of State Works of the Dominican Republic.

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Universite de Port-au-Prince

University of Port-au-Prince or Universite de Port-au-Prince was established as l'Institut de Gestion et de Comptabilite or Institute of Management and Accounting in the year 1983. The university was created by a team of researchers and university professors with the aim to reach out to those graduates who wish to continue higher studies. As of date, the university has 5,000 students who are receiving education in the following faculties and institutes:
• Faculty of Juridical Sciences.
• Faculty of Administrative Sciences.
• Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
• Faculty of Economics.
• Institute of Political Sciences.
• Faculty of Computer Science.

Universite de Port-au-Prince is driven by development and in its 24 years of operation, the university has worked towards the development of Haitian human resources and at the same time, it has promoted Haiti's social, cultural, political and economic development. The university has addressed the strategies for the development of Haitian Rights as a subject of the nation's sustainable development while ensuring that its cultural dimensions are integrated properly.

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