The education system in Haiti faces shortages in educational supplies and qualified teachers, and the rural population remains underrepresented in the country%u2019s classrooms.There are many challenges. Currently, most Haitian schools are private rather than state-funded

University of the Nouvelle Grand'Anse

University of the Nouvelle Grand'Anse or UNOGA consists of three parts mission - Teaching, Research and Service. Teaching mission involves educating the students of the university and then providing continuous education to them. Research mission is about pursuing scientific as well as technological research while the Service mission concentrates on dissemination of technological, scientific and cultural information as well as participating in different regional development programs.

The University of the Nouvelle Grand'Anse has its accreditation by government of Haiti pending because of a few pending documents but the university has received a legal status and the diplomas received by the graduates of the university now have more value than before.

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Paul Arcelin, Haitian Teacher, Writer

Paul Arcelin, a Haitian by birth, lived in exile in Canada during Duvalier's dictatorship regime. He married a Canadian woman with who he had 2 children. After Duvalier's fall in 1986, Arcelin was offered to become General William Regala's Special Adviser. He also served as Haitian Ambassador to Dominican Republic during the rule of Avril government. Paul Arcelin also went up against Jean Bertrand-Aristide and along with Guy Philippe, he played a very crucial role in Haitian rebellion of 2004. It was during this rebellion that Paul Arcelin was interviewed a few times. All his interviews are today available with Radio Canada.

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College Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours - Cap-Haitien

The all-male private Roman Catholic primary and secondary school is located on the top of a mountain dominating the city. It was founded in 1904 by the Congregation of Holy Cross.

This school has a long history with the city of cap-Haitian. An entrance exam is required before you can be admitted to the school in order to maintain the academic quality.

Some of the most famous and successful people in the entire region were educated there. College Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours has produced religious, political figures and former Presidents. Former President of Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide was at one point a student at College Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours.

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Haitian born neurologist, playwrighter, poet and novelist Jean Metellus

Jean Metellus is a Haitian born neurologist, a playwright, a poet and novelist. He was born in Jacmel, Haiti on April 30, 1937. He completed his education in Republic of Haiti and later became a teacher. He escaped Duvalier's dictatorship by fleeing to Paris in 1959. In Paris he studied medicine and linguistics and obtained specialization in neurology. Jean was a gifted poet by birth and wrote several poems. He sent his poems to ethnologist Michel Leiris who then advised him to send his poemes to Maurice Nadeau who as Les Lettres Nouvelles editor. Jean also sent his poems to Jean-Paul Sartre. Jean Metellus' poems were published by Maurice Nadeau in Les Lettres Nouvelles and by Jean-Paul Sarte in Les Temps Modernes. Both these publications were made in July 1969.

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How much money has been collected for National Fund for Education?

So far, it seems that we can not have an exact number. And why is that?

Remember that this is Haiti and we work under different standards. We are kind of unique in the way we see things

Listen to this, President Michel Martelly told the Haitian Diaspora community in Miami during a visit in Florida in December 2012 that the National Fund for Education, established in May 2011, had accumulated $16 million in US and not a penny of this money had been touched by the Haitian government.

The problem I have with this statement from our president is that there was an account given already and by someone that should know exactly how much money they have collected for the National Fund for Education.

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Royal National Genius Competition Encourages Excellence

Royal Marketing sponsored and hosted the Royal National Genius college competition during Easter week of 2013. The competition, in its 12th year of existence, seeks to create standards of excellence within the ranks of young people pursuing their higher-education goals.

This year schools from five departments of Haiti participated in the week-long battery of testing to vie for the Royal National Genius title. Preceding the finals of the competition, Royal Marketing held preliminaries. Teams made up of eight students each were tested for their expertise in math, science, history, and social studies. In addition, they were also asked questions about current events at the local, national, and international levels.

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Baldwin Spencer of Antigua and Barbuda offers scholarships to Haitian students

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer the prime minister of the country attended the annual general meeting of the heads of state of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) which opened on Wednesday at St. Lucia. It was during this time that he reaffirmed his intentions to offer scholarships to some Haitian students in a bid to counter attack the recent misfortunes that have visited the country since 2010.

In 2010 the country suffered a massive earth quake attack that let the country in a state of poverty and beyond reconstruction. However, with the many undying hearts in the country, most of the structures have been replace or renovated to what they were initially while some are actually better than they were before. There however is still the issue of the many hard hit families and unfortunate children who were left by their parents during the disaster.

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National Education Fund (FNE)

Upon his election in April 2011, Martelly vowed to provide free education to Haitians. He went on with this plan by launching the National Education Fund (FNE), which was supposed to be funded by taxes collected from international calls and money transfers. Even though the constitution denies the president the power to levy taxes, the government pushed through with Martelly's plan.

The program sounded promising but six months after its implementation, concerns started to arise, with people asking where the fund is being used. Martelly himself said he didn't know the exact amount the plan has collected so far and pointed journalists to CONATEL, which is the one managing the fund. CONATEL then revealed that only Digicel and COMCEL were included in their accounts. No one can say how much the fund is. Some said it's $28 million, while others insisted that it's only $2 million.

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Michel Martelly National Education Plan: A Success Or Failure?

The National Education Plan, a program initiated by President Michel Martelly in 2011 to provide free education to all Haitian kids, have been criticized over and over again. This is not surprising because of the lack of progress caused by the program.

A lot of people might have been asking where the money from the program has gone?

Why is it that many children are still unable to study and why teachers are not paid properly?

Different organizations and individuals concerned about the program have aired their opinions and they all centered on the education plan's failure. But before one can determine whether the program failed or succeeded, it is necessary to understand the program and hear people's opinions about it.

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Aspiring Public Servants Graduate

The Haitian government has congratulated several Haitian students for graduating from the Ecole Nationale d'Administration Publique (ENAP) in Quebec. According to reports, 18 students received their master's degree after three years of studying. A special graduation ceremony was held at the Hotel Montana in order to recognize the hardwork and efforts that the students gave to the program. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and other Haitian and foreign officials graced the event as well to laud the fresh graduates.

The 18 students were the beneficiary of a tripartite agreement among Haiti, Canada and Quebec. It can be recalled that under the agreement, which is called the Strengthening of Public Management (PARGEP), the three parties worked together by grooming the students to work in Haiti's public administration. Around $7.8 million were spent for the program in a bid to improve, rebuild and modernize the Haiti government.

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