Political Exiles Danielle Legros Georges, Boston's New Poet

Poetry is the evidence of life in most distilled and most powerful language. Poetry is not only about the dreams and visions; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives, and it is the universal language which the heart holds with nature and itself. According to Danielle Legros Georges, some people love poetry and use poetry and are comfortable with poetry. But there are those for whom poetry may be a giant living in the hills. She wants people to recognize that poetry isn't frightening. Danielle Legros Georges is a poet who was born in Haiti and grew up in Boston's Haitian community in Mattapan. When she was a baby, her family moved to Zaire on a political exile. Later, they moved to Boston when she was 6 years old. She was born in a well cultured family. Her all three brothers are in creative fields: one is a clothing designer for extreme sports, one is an architect and photographer and one is a musician. Her father was an architect and engineer and mother was an employee of the Federal Reserve Bank and an exceptionally good cook. Danielle has been teaching in Lesley University's Creative Arts in Learning Division since 2001. During the Christmas of 2014, Mayor of Boston Martin J. Walsh has named her as the Boston's new poet laureate, the second poet laureate, following Sam Cornish, who won the position in 2008.


The small Haitian community in Boston love to indulge their kids in an environment of art and culture, theatre, dance and painting with connections to their distant homeland. Legros Georges has a deeper connection as a black woman in US society and as a scholar. She can relate to whomever she's with. She can go into a Haitian community and speak fluent Creole or speak French. She does not want to seem unapproachable, and undermines her new honor of Poet Laureate as "P.L", because it sounds less formal. She works with "Troubadour' that teaches art to the school children and works for improving their literacy & academic achievement.

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