Mandate of CEP extended to organize elections for Senate

President Jocelerme Privert has decided to extend the mandate of the Provisional Electoral Council, the CEP. The CEP is now responsible to organize elections for the renewal of one third of the Senate that will have its term ended in January, 20167. In addition, the CEP is now authorized to organize elections for all other vacancies until a Permanent Electoral Council is established

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Scoop - Commission results to be made public Monday, at 4:00PM

The result of the Commission of Verification will be made public on Monday (May 30, 2016) at 4:00PM, Haiti time which will be 5:00PM in Miami, Florida. We also learned that the president of the commission wants to meet with President Privert before the these results are made public. Mr. Daly Valet, as we learned is the one with the responsibilities to assure the liaison between the Commission of verification and the Eeecutive branch.

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Eric Jean-Baptiste now expects himself to be in second round

I would like for someone to tell me: Was ther any loosed in the last presidential election in Haiti. If you want to take statements from Jude Celestin, Jovenel Moise, Marise Narcisse, Moise jean Charles, and now Eric Jean-Baptiste, all of them are winners. The speculations and misinformation are multiplying which will make the job of the Verification Commission even more difficult. As a reminder, Eric Jean-Baptiste who is a member of the G8, came in fifth position in the first round of presidential elections. He believes that if all those who have been involved in fraud are expelled he would be in second place

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Verification Commission will not have to say who goes to run off

Mr. François Benoit who is the President of the Commission of Verification was the guest of Valery Numa this morning(May 24, 2016). Contrary to what many of us were waiting to come out the evaluation, they will not indicate the candidates qualified to go to the run off presidential election. The Commission has an easier job than that. They will only have to indicate the level of fraud found in their evaluation of 25 percent of the sample. They will not have to say if the run of should be between Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise, Jude and Moise Jean Charle, Maryse Narcisse and so on.....

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Only 510 out of 3235 Proce-Verbals inspected found to be acceptable

As we are getting close to the final report of the Commission of Verification, some interesting facts are are coming out. it was revealed that the Commission has found that out of 3235 Proce-Verbals inspected so far, only 510 of them were acceptable. In addition, The commission found massive fraud recorded in 90 percent of 490 Proce-Verbals excluded by the previous CEP. In addition, these deceptive acts were done in support of the candidate Jovenel Moise.

Mathias Pierre, a member of Pitit Dessaline, demands the removal of Jovenel Moise from the process. He quote article 178 of the Electoral decree.

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Uder Antoine replaces Mosler Georges as new Executive Director of CEP

This is Mr. Uder Antoine who has been named Executive Director of the CEP. He replaced Mosler Georges who left the position on Friday, may 23, 2016. Uder Antoine was the former coordinator of the Office of Management and Human resources.

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Electoral calendar to be published May 31, regardless of Commission's results

The CEP wants to reassure everyone that he will keep his words and that the electoral calendar will be made public not one day before or one day after May 31, 2016. Their action will be independent from and regardless of the result of the Electoral Audit Commission. This what was related to us by the spokesman for the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), Nicole Simeon. In a press conference given recently, Ms. Simeon stated that the election process has already begun and that the CEP can't wait for the Verification Commission to complete its work.

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Verification Commission increases sample from 15% to 25%

The Tabulation center is finally under the control of the Commission of Verification. On Thursday, search of the truths, the Verification Commission moved to the Tabulation center with over 60 specialists to start their challenging task of evaluating whether or not there wwere frauds of irregularities in the past election, and if so who did it.

One very important point to note, the Commission has increased its sample. Instead of the 15% originally stated, the Commission of Verification will sample 25% of the "Proce-Verbals". They will be working under close supervision of various Political Parties.

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Verification Commission to Review Only 15% of Tally Sheets

On Friday, May 8, 2016, the Election Verification and Evaluation Commission left many observers and analysts stunned by announcing that they could verify only 15% of the total tally sheets on its audit of the troubled 2015 election. This announcement of 'quick count' perhaps came out of mounting U.S Pressure which is pushing Haitian leaders and the Evaluation Commission to speed up and complete the evaluation on such a small size without further delaying a much delayed election process.

Some human rights organizations and some Haitian political parties, including Pitit Dessalines, have already expressed their objections to this methodology and have insisted to verify all 13,725 minutes of the last election. Some oppositions have even argued that the sampling process will be used as a smokescreen to remove their candidates from the contest.

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Haiti Once Again Missed Deadline for Holding Elections

This is the third time that Haiti's presidential runoff has been delayed. It is now impossible to elect a new President who would take office on May 14, 2016, as per the stipulation of the February 5th accord, and it is equally impossible to find a new elected government who would take power from the caretaker government.

The provisional President Jocelerme Privert has told the press that he would publish a new election calendar by the end of May. As per his statement, political stability is a precondition to ensure a credible election process. The opposition candidates and local electoral observation groups have insisted that no second round of election could happen unless proper investigations have been made on the two earlier phases of elections held on August 9, 2015 (for the legislative assembly) and October 25, 2015 (for the first round of presidential election), because as per their charges the holding and results of these two elections were marred by massive frauds. Two main presidential candidates Jovenel Moïse and Jude Célestin did not sign a document outlining the terms of reference of the Independent Commission of Electoral Evaluation and Verification. The country has been in a political turmoil since the first round presidential election was questioned by losing candidates.

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