CIEVE, Verification Commission Methodology

The Independent Commission for Electoral Evaluation and Verification (CIEVE) was installed by the Provisional President Privert on April 28, 2016 with the objectives of reviewing previous election results and electoral court decisions, before moving forward with the unfinished election. The commission was created because as per his belief a verification process was necessary to establish credibility of the 2015 election results and restore confidence and encourage "players to trust the electoral council and to participate in the upcoming elections." Moreover, it was a key demand of many civil society organizations, human rights figures, and political parties.

This commission, like the earlier one created by the former President Martelly, would audit the last election process through a 15% random sample, because it is impossible to recount every vote cast by 5.8 million registered voters in about 10,000 polling stations. As per François Benoît, the President of the Commission, 15% sample size might carry a chance of 20% marginal error (which is much higher than 3 to 5% margin of error as was proclaimed by the earlier Commission set up by Martelly).

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Privert flexes his muscles by installing the Commission of Verification

Here is something we have not seen in Haiti for a long time, a President standing firm in his belief, his words, and conviction. Yesterday, President Jocelerme Privert finally installed the five members of the Commission of Verification at the National Palace. The 5 Independent Members are Francois Benoit, Gedeon, Pierre Wilfrid Sanon, Marc Donald Jean, and Michel Eric Gaillard.

It was quite remarkable not to see any representation from the legislative sector, the judicial sector and even more importantly representative from the International community at the ceremony.

What do you think?

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President Privert having difficulties finalizing terms for the Comission

An attempt was made by President Privert to meet the various political sectors in order to finalize the terms for the creation of the Commission of Verification. The meeting was scheduled for yesterday ( April 27, 2016); however the Deputies of the majority block of PHTK did not show up.

The meeting took place anyway. President Jocelerme Privert and Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles conducted the reunion with the political actors who were present. They went over the text of the Decree for the creation of the Commission before its publication.

What do you think?

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Friends and supporters of Jovenel Moise in the streets this April 24

Here are some supporters of Jovenel Moise and PHTK in the streets this Sunday, April 24, 2016 demanding that the second tour of the election be held as schedules.

I believe this is a little bit too late as today was the date scheduled or the election; however as we all observed, it was impossible. This is the third date that the elections have been reported.

Does anyone know when we evantually have the election? Should we start asking whether or not free and fair elections are possible in Haiti

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Members of the Independent Commission for electoral verification known

The Independent Commission for evaluation and electoral verification in Haiti is now in place. All five persons that will be responsible for the verification have been nominated. According to a source we can trust, the five members are as follows:

Erick Gaillard,
Marc Donald Jean,
Pierre Wilfrid Sanon,
Gédéon Jean
François Benoît

As you may known, Erick Gaillard was appointed by the Order of Chartered Accountants Haitian ; Marc Jean Donald who is a former senator was appointed by the Episcopal / Anglican Church, Gideon Jean was appointed by former members of the Election Assessment Commission. The Decree nominating these five members will be published shortly in the Gazette

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The process to create a Verification Commission for the Elections has began

Provisional President Jocelerme Privert and various political party representatives were meeting this Thusdaday, April 12, 2016 to discuss one of the most challenging aspect of his presidency, the creation of a Verification Commission. The objective of this particular meeting was to define the role of this Commission. Among the people who were at the meeting, we noticed the presence of Eric Jean-Baptiste, Yves Germain, Maryse Narcisse, Yvon Feuille, Evelt Fanfan, Jacques Sampeur, Edwin Justin and Pierre Espérance.

The G8 declines the invitation. They issued a statement saying that "they did not want to give substance to the perception of those who see in the multiplication of these meetings a delaying tactic or the temptation to use the Commission as a blackmail tool"

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Final Results of the elections for 69 municipalities in Haiti

The CEP has published the final results of the municipal elections that took place on October 25, 2015 for 69 municipalities as they were not as these municipalities were not subject to any challenge. Here are the results by Department:



Grand Anse




North West



South East

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Jean Max Bellerive, Do not expect elections in Haiti any time soon

Jean Max Bellerive who is the chief of staff to President Jocelerme Privert stated that it is impossible to conduct the elections in 24 days or on on April 24, as the agreement of March 6 requires. According to agreement signed by former President Michel Martelly, Jocelerme Privert and Cholzer Chancy, the second round of the presidential and legislative elections is supposed to be held on April 24, 2016. Some people are accusing the government of Jocelerme Privert for not moving fast enough with the election process, suggesting that they are creating all kind of tactics to remain in power past the deadline in the agreement.

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Me Carlos Hercules speaking on barriers to democratic elections

Me Carlos Hercules has spoken. In his statement during the installation of the different members of the electoral authorities, the Vice Chairman and member of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) delivered a message where he is asking for a level of fairness in the entire process. According to Me Carlos Hercules, "It is unrealistic to expect the outcome of last year's elections without considering the primarily concerned". " It is impossible to obtain of electoral operators a job well done if they are not paid on time"."It is unrealistic to pretend to the holding of credible elections, honest, democratic elections if the corrupting forces did not abstain; if external forces do not refrain of trafficking of influences and to inclinations to decide in the place and instead of the holders."

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Will a Commission of verification be created and if so by whom?

I see that the Government of Jocelerme Privert and Enex Jean-Charles is on its way to have the same faith as its predecessors, a government disliked by many where many in the population asking them to leave "Dechoukaj". Do you remember the slogan: " Vle Pa Vle Fok Lale "?, don't worry it will be back soon.

let's take a look ahead to see what is coming in front of the speeding train of the Privert-Jena-Charles team. Several political parties have been demanding that a Commission of Verification be established to evaluate possible fraud during the elections in 2015. However, many are opposed to the Verification Commission, it might be for good reasons. Some of those elected during these questionable elections are already in function and probably started cashing in by selling their votes.

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