Vijonet Demero, Lourdes Edith Joseph, Yolette mengual, in hot seats

More revelations in the corruption scam at the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) are coming out. Beside Yolette Mengual, Vijonet Demero and Lourdes Edith Joseph are also named as CEP members who have been taking bribes from some of the candidates to winning them elected seats.


installation of 9 members of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP)

WATCH VIDEO: Corruption allegation toward members of CEP and BCEN

What do we know so far:

1: Gerald Jean, a candidate for Deputy for Ferrier/Perches, told several radio stations that he had paid more than $25,000 to a judge and CEP member Yolette mengual, in hopes of winning his seat on appeal. He showed copies of two bank deposit slips and said another $15,000 in cash was handed over in an envelope.

2: An accused judge confirmed that bribes had been made, but not to him.

3) Former Senate president, Simon Dieuseul Desras, stated that Vijonet Demero, Lourdes Edith Joseph and Yolette Mengual received money from several candidate for deputy. He specifically named: Pierre Widly Charles, Jugnace Pierre and Frantz Drice as BCEN judges are involved in the this corruption

Haitian Kreyol:

Vijonet Demero, Lourdes Edith Jozèf, Yolette Mengual, nan chèz cho

Plis revelasyon ap tombe a koripsyon nan Konsèy Elektoral Pwovizwa a (KEP). San konte Yolette Mengual, non Vijonet Demero ak Lourdes Edith Joseph cite tou kòm manm CEP ki te pran lajan nan man kèk nan kandida yo pou ba yo plas eli yo.

Ki fè nou konnen:

1: Gerald Jean, yon kandida pou Depite pou Ferrier / pèrchwar, te di plizyè estasyon radyo ke li te peye plis pase $ 25,000 a yon jij ak manm CEP Yolette Mengual, nan espwa pou li genyen plas li sou apèl la. Li te montre kopi de glise bank depo, li di yon lòt $ 15,000 nan lajan kach nan yon anvlòp.

2: Yon jij ki akize konfime ke koruptyon te fè, men se pa li.

3) Ansyen prezidan Sena, Simon Dieuseul Desras, deklare ke Vijonet Demero, Lourdes Edith Jozèf ak Yolette Mengual resevwa lajan nan men plizyè kandida pou depite. Espesyalman Pierre Widly Charles, Jugnace Pierre ak Frantz Drice se jij nan BCEN ki te patisipe nan koripsyon sa.

Problem pap fini

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Shime Leroy says...

le lagent te ap bay ce te 2 noune qui te fais affaire connie a ce le public qui inviter secret pa jamais fait ak 2 noune moin ta renen connin ca yo pral fais avec noune ca yo kimbe la main dans le

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Bwa Sanfey says...

How much money has Opont received directly or indirectly?

Respectful citizens don't get involved in shady CEP

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