Emergency Operation Centre in Miragoane, Haiti

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred on January 2010 killed thousands of Haitians and destroyed thousands of homes and infrastructures. The Emergency Operations Centre just created in Miragoane will improve disaster response in this Caribbean island. With the help of foreign donors, the island country is slowly gaining momentum and getting back at its feet.


Caribbean countries including Haiti have been prone to several natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions due to an oceanic tectonic plate called the Caribbean Plate. These inevitable catastrophes may not be avoided, but their effects could be more properly dealt with to lessen the number of casualties. That is why disaster response facilities have recently been launched in Miragoane, a coastal town in the Nippes Department, in order to improve the country and its citizens' preparedness when it comes to any kind of calamity. The town's Emergency Operations Centre is a project of both the Haitian government and the United States government which will compise of a disaster relief house and a fire station in hopes that it will assist local governments and the localities in preparing and dealing collectively with unforeseeable disasters and emergencies.

The project was launched in mid-July in the presence of important Haitian and U.S. official such as Miragoane Mayor Joseph Franseau, Haiti's Direction of Civil Protection Director Alta Jean Baptiste, and the U.S.'s Consul General to Haiti Colombia Barrosse. With a total budget of $34 million for this said project, ten more centers are planned to be built all around Haiti in order to make sure that its people will become safer and less vulnerable to yet another catastrophe.

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