Enèji Pwòp, S.A. to assess pre-pay microgrids in 100 Haitian towns

Eneji Pwop Feasibility Study to Evaluate 100 Towns for Pre-Pay Microgrid Pilot Program


Haiti needs to build and strengthen its infrastructure in the energy sector across the county. It's a tall order for the Haitian government to fulfill, but the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) is lending its support in the form of a grant it has awarded to Haitian social agency, Eneji Pwop S.A. (EP). It already provides microgrid power, an affordable utility, to small- and mid-size populations.
EP also partners with Earth Spark International and together they implemented the first pre-pay microgrid that began in November 2012 in the town of Les Anglais.

EP wants to perform a feasibility study to evaluate the possibility of installing pre-pay microgrids in 40 testing towns to begin with. Rachael McManus, President of EP, has chosen the female-led company out of Reston Virginia, Energy and Security Group, to conduct the feasibility study. They were awarded the contract because of their considerable expertise in energy access projects. EP will be a funding partner for the feasibility study.

The feasibility study will target 100 towns and assess their desirability for the pre-pay microgrid pilot program. They will be ranked and evaluated, predicated on economics and physical infrastructure considerations, and what communities hope to achieve by implementing a pre-pay microgrid. The feasibility study will narrow the final selection to 40 towns, for short-term development of 100-Kilowatt microgrids. The feasibility study will also help EP to submit a realistic investment package for wide-spread installation of microgrids nation-wide.

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Subject: Eneji Pwop, S.A. to assess pre-pay microgrids in 100 Haitian towns edit

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