Haiti Ayikodans Danse company in Miami

For the second time in two years the Ayikodans returned to Miami. The dance group once again exposed the cultural riches deeply buried in the people of Haiti.


Under the leadership of Jean Guy Saintus, the group of incomparable dancers presented an art piece that constitutes of the current European and American dance mixed with traditional African influence. The group has left behind the repetitive kind of dance and has adopted a complex spatial and original combination of moves. There performance comes with well-designed lighting and set pieces.

The performance brought back the reflections of the famous 2010 earthquake and the aftermaths. Anmwey Ayiti Manman was being played for the third year in a row but this year almost unrecognizable. This year's version was more emotional than physical; there was less dancing but more feelings. Pain, betrayal and lack of faith were depicted. This left the audience in agony. But Anmwey Ayiti Manman ended the performance with a clear massage exposing the persistence of the will to live.

In their performance the company was completely sold out to the dance. Though linked to the Haitian culture the dedication to their performance was nearly spiritual with every part of the body completely involved. More interesting was the depths they could get in their creative movements; body expressions, the high jumping, the complex poses, eye gazes and the ripple movement from head to feet made the performance superhuman in nature.

The company through the kind of high quality performance has gained a wider support within and without Haiti. With their influence reaching Miami-based followers their work is likely to attain a global audience.

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