Stones in the Sun, a film written and directed by Patricia Benoit

Writer and director Patricia Benoit has released "Stones in the Sun", chosen by the New York Times as a Critics' Pick. Set in the late 1980s in New York the film traces the stories of several Haitian exiles that have fled Haiti after Jean-Claude Duvalier's rule, continued in his absence through his military power structure.


The film asks questions like: how does one start or continue a life? Is it better to sever ties with the past or remain loyal to your roots?

Micheline has chosen to Europeanize herself as a Frenchwoman in the U.S. after her husband is killed in Haiti. She lives a comfortable lifestyle as a Realtor, but when elder daughter Yannick shows up it's a what-will-the-neighbors-think conflict between the two, for Yannick is a political activist and teacher, loyal to her Haitian heritage.

Gerald, a leftist New York Haitian radio news commentator, keeps exiles informed of the ongoing brutalities in Haiti. His father, Max, is associated with the death squads, and lands on Gerald's doorstep, unannounced. Max's enemies are a step ahead of him and have raided his bank account, and are pursuing him in the streets. The question remains unanswered: can a child forgive a parent no matter how monstrous their deeds?

Benoit's script masterfully limns the lives of these exiles, whose narratives hit home powerfully. Despite their choices, what shines through in "Stones in the Sun" is each character's deep love for their homeland.

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Subject: Stones in the Sun, a film written and directed by Patricia Benoit edit

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