Food Program Coming to Derac

The government of Haiti (GOH) wants to open 90 canteens throughout Haiti in response to the burgeoning food crisis. Social agency, Ede Pep, is implementing the canteen program with funding from Petrocaribe. Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Charles Jean-Jacques, inaugurated the program in April in the village of Derac. Both he and Northeast Departmental Delegate, Charles Hugo, handed out pantry items to 1,000 community inhabitants.


At the distribution site, Jean-Jacques said he was GOH's emissary of goodwill. He said he knew the looming food crisis was creating anxiety, and he was committed to improving the situation. He informed them once the canteen was built, they would enjoy one hot meal a day. Hugo said he felt pleased the program would restore the image of a prosperous Derac during the 1950s.

How does GOH think providing one meal a day is lessening the food crisis? And how can handing out pantry items to 1,000 Derac residents keep the rest of the community from rioting in the streets? And why should invoking Derac's healthy economy in the 1950s mean anything to people who weren't even born then?

GOH gives not a whit about the food crisis and Haitians living on the margins of despair. They are too busy squabbling over the Permanent Electoral Council and delaying legislative elections. They have angered the donor community by engaging in fraudulent contract negotiations. And as a result, billions of dollars of aid are being held up until the GOH provides transparency in contract dealings.

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