Ariel Henry abandoned INITE over new ministerial position

In a letter dated September 8, 2015, INITE announced his decision to withdraw from the Martelly-Paul government. The Political Party consequently called his representative Ariel Henry to give is resignation. However, Mr. Henry did not see it the same way. Actually he was promoted to the position of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.


Loyalty is definitely out of the window in this case.

In Haiti, there is no identifiable group with a specific ideology. There is no cooperation, honesty, trust, commitment, loyalty or patience. There is no liberal or conservative, left or right, socialist or capitalist in Haiti. What you will find are simply men and some women, that are driven by money, power and the desire to continue to hold both

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Bwa Sanfey says...


Nothing else. Mwen la kote dlo a coule pi

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Subject: Ariel Henry abandoned INITE over new ministerial position edit

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