Commission of Electoral Evaluation Makes Recommendations

On Sunday 3 January, 2016, the Independent Electoral Evaluation Commission has released its report on the 25 October presidential elections. The reports clearly conclude that the said election was tainted by irregularities at the polling stations benefitting several candidates through proxy voting and other fraudulent means, committed by their representatives. The Commission was appointed by President Martelly on December 22, 2015 under section 136 of the Constitution and the Decree of 17 May 2005. It was formed in response to the demands of his oppositions to evaluate the fairness of the October 25th election and to assess the condition of the country's remaining electoral process. Due to the short time frame, many questions were left unanswered and the commission failed to rightly conclude the degree by which the presidential election and its published results were compromised by "irregularities akin to fraud"-- as it has reported.


The commission has mentioned that the Provisional Electoral Commission (CEP) does not have any credibility to hold a free and fair election in the country. Some of the improving steps that it has recommended for the remaining election are: All the actors involved in the process should find a consensual solution to avoid a debacle in the country. They must take every step to restore common men's confidence in the electoral process. The entire election process should be conducted in a peaceful environment. Too much presence of the foreign powers and their involvement in major decisions might damage Haitian's confidence in the electoral process.

The CEP should be free of influence by the BCEN and BCED. It should ensure proper training to its members and strengthen the supervision, control over the process. No voting center to be set in the private homes. The centers should be better equipped with lights, office stationeries and well trained pre-identified staff. A credible list of observers should be prepared. Photos of the minutes taken by supervisors must be posted in each voting centers and on the CEP website. List of representatives from all political parties should pre-informed and limited in each polling centers. No unauthorized person would be allowed to enter the voting centers. Every member of the CEP and of the electoral apparatus would remain answerable to the justice.

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