Evans Paul to form his de facto cabinet within the next 2 days

In an interview given to Radio host Valery Numa this morning, de facto Prime Minister Evans Paul announced that he will form his government by the end of this week. The new de facto government will likely enter in function immediately since there is no parliament to ratify the choices.


Who are likely to be part of this new de facto government headed by Evans Paul? Here are some key Ministerial positions that the Haitian population and experts in Haitian politics will be looking at closely to see the direction of the ne government.

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor ?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs which was previously held by Laurent Lamothe

Minister of Communication previously held by Rudy Heriveaux

Minister of Finance and Economy?

Minister of Interior and of Territorial Collectivities, a position very influential that can affect the result of the next Haitian election

Minister of Justice and Public Safety, a position previously held by Jean Renel Sanon

Minister of Youth, Sports and Civic Action, a position previously held by Himmler Rebu

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol kompran

Premye minis de facto Evans Paul annonce li ape fome cabinet li nan fin semen sa. Ki moun kap nan cabinet sa?

eske nou prale oue mam MOPOD, lavalas, etc nan gouvenman de facto Evans Paul la?

Se ki moun kap vini Minis Jistic, Minis interior.

Eske se yon bouyon rechoffe Paul ape ba nou ?

Ki sa ou di nan sa?

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Julio De Castro says...

Keksyon map pose tet mwen, eske moun opozisyon sa yo renmen peyi a vre. Eske se pa travay ravet la yap fe la. Li le li tan pou nou gen lide ak moun konsyan nan populasyon an leve kanpe pou di non a mesye opozisyon sa yo. yo pa renmen peyi a vre. Se ravet, ravet, ravet yo ye. Yo paka ranje, yap

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Ti Police Florvil says...

Ce avek regret ke moin ap asiste Evans Paul tombe nan yon gouvernman ki illegal.

Mwin panse ke K-Plim gin pou di "nan ki sa mwin te rantre tet moin la?".

Lap rive yon le ke moun yo ap idantifye KP avek gouvenman Martelly-a. Lap pote tet kase-a avel li tou. Le ke moun tankou Moise Jean Charles, MOPOD, Lavalas avek lot yo nan oposicionsa komanse frape, Martelly pap gin kote pou li

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Cinas Blanck says...

I think that KP should not comeback with Jean renel Sanon as Minister of Justice.

This man is responsible for the political prisoners.

He has no concept of justice.

Another person that should be out is Rudy Heriveaux in communication.

We can not afford to give the position to someone who has been alling Haitians "Ravet".

Heriveaux is a threat and should not be

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Remond Leveille says...

This new government will not make any difference.this will be another set of authorities that will use their positions to block traffics and show their authorities to the population.

Most of them are not even qualified to run their own home.

I wish we can use all this money we pay these people to help the population better.

Haiti does not need most of these ministerial

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