Government delays Tax implementation plan under protest threat

The Government of Martelly-Paul is not ready to deal with a protest over new taxes they want to introduce at this time, at least not this month which can come with it own set of problem with the election results just around the corner. Communication Minister Mario Dupuy just announced that the decision of the government to increase fees such as passport, licenses, etc..will be delayed until December, 2015.


The government has decided to back off for and delay the implementation of these unpopular taxes as the Employee Union in the country is preparing for a two day protest starting November 9. We are not sure whether or not the decision by the government to delay the implementation of taxes will have an effect on the scheduled protest.

One thing is certain however, it did not go well while on the one hand, the government is imposing new financial requirements on a population and at the same time assuring the well been of his ministers long after they leave office. These new increases were announced around the same time the government had issued a Decree to give some generous severance payments to his Ministers and State secretaries. Under this new decree each minister will receive $50,000 and each State Secretary , $40,000 in February 2016 as the government is leaving office.

Do you think the government of Martelly can justify these generous severance pays while imposing new taxes on the public?

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Subject: Government delays Tax implementation plan under protest threat edit

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