Haiti Government reshuffled to satisfied El Rancho Agreement

The government of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe has gone through a major transformation. Many new individuals are named to head some of the most important Ministers. The Open Government has been formed. However, many would say: "Plus Ca Change, Plus C'est La Meme Chose"


Here is the new Open government

Laurent Lamothe Salvador appointed Minister of Planning and External Cooperation

Duly Brutus became Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, replacing Pierre Richard Casimir

Renel Sanon appointed Minister of Justice and Public Security (unchanged)

Reginald Delva (former Secretary of State for Public Security), appointed Minister of the Interior and Local Authorities

Marie Carmelle Jean-Marie, former Minister of Finance, resumes his position) is appointed once again
Minister of Economy and Finance, Replacing Wilson Laleau

Jacques Rousseau remains Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications

Thomas Jacques remains Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development

Wilson Laleau Wilson appointed Minister of Trade and Industry

Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin remains Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries

Nesmy Manigat appointed Minister of National Education and Vocational Training, replacing Pierre Winnower

Florence Duperval Guillaume remains Minister of Public Health and Population

Charles Jean-Jacques remains Minister of Social Affairs and Labour

Monique Rosann is appointed Minister of Culture, replacing Josette Darguste

Rudy Heriveaux appointed Minister of Communication, replacing Josette Darguste

Yannick Mezile remains Minister for the Status and Rights of Women

Lener Renauld appointed Minister of Defense, Replacing Jean Rodolphe Joazile

Himler Rebu appointed Minister of Youth, Sports and Civic Action, Replacing Magalie Racine

Jean François Thomas remain in the Minister of the Environment

François Guillaume II appointed Minister of Haitians Living Abroad

Marie Carmelle Rose Anne Auguste remains

Marie Carmelle Rose Anne Auguste, Ministre Déléguée to the Premier Minister

René Jean-Jumeau in charge of energy security

Patrick Sully Joseph responsible for the Strengthening of Political Parties, replaces Ralph Theano

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