Martelly Assails Character of Communications Minister Rothschild

President Martelly attacked his Communications Minister, Francois Rothschild, for lying about the treatment Haitians receive when they force-emigrate from the Dominican Republic back to Haiti. Martelly has accused Rothschild of characterizing the government authorities' attitude towards Haitians as respectful. Not so says Martelly.


Rothschild, a former journalist, allowed himself to be put on the spot by Martelly, who acted as a pseudo-journalist, doing all he could to humiliate Rothschild before an audience of thousands, and millions of radio listeners and TV viewers.

Martelly debased the profession of journalism, saying Rothschild "was in school to learn to lie to people" (while ironically playacting a journalist himself). Martelly continued his assault upon Rothschild, claiming he knew the predicament of Haitian deportees arriving in Haiti and it was deplorable.

The public spectacle of Martelly dressing down Rothschild for unsubstantiated remarks inflamed journalist Tamarra Orion, who on Facebook ranted, "I am a journalist and I'm proud!!! I was not taught to lie . . ."

Rothschild, to salvage his self-respect resigned his post, which is probably what Martelly intended with his brazen, mean, and outrageous behavior towards Rothschild. But some colleagues of Rothschild's observed he was in no way required to involve himself in this mockery of Martelly's. Rothschild could have kept a stiff upper lip and remained in his post.

Martelly maintains Rothschild is a bluffer and a liar, but Martelly needn't look any further than in the mirror to discover who the real liar is.

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Subject: Martelly Assails Character of Communications Minister Rothschild edit

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