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Evans Paul using bluff as tool against Dominican Government

Faced with massive influx of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent being deported from the Dominican Republic to Haiti, Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul put the Dominican Government on guard against the type of people that they are sending to Haiti. He stated that the Haitian government will welcome the Haitians but will not admit any non Haitians into the country. Specifically, anyone not born in Haiti will not be admitted into the country, that is according to Mr. Evans Paul.

I consider such a statement by the Haiti Prime Minister as pure bluff. It is an attempt by Mr. Paul deceive us pretending to in case that the Dominican Government makes any attempt to send someone who was born in the Dominican Republic with Haitian root back to Haiti, they will be faced with corresponding action from the Haitian government.

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Minister of Foreign affairs in Haiti, a government secret Cash Cow

I wouldn't believe it if I did not hear it straight from the person who was in charge. During an interview with Valery Numa on Vision 2000 on Friday, June 12, 2015, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Duly Brutus made some shocking revelations. However, I don't think this performance helped his case. rather, it seems like he dig his own grave.

In an attempt to bring some clarification to a recently published report from Cour Supérieure des Comptes et du Contentieux Administratif (CSCCA), former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Duly Brutus revealed an atmosphere of abuses and corruption he had to deal with at Minister of Foreign affairs. Abuses of privileges and corruption are often the norms there with people not working but receiving their checks religiously. Also abuses of telephone use, cars belonging to the Minister and gas by staff and people with connection often take place.

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Judge Max Elibert Reelected To The Superior Council Of The Judiciary (CSPJ)

On Tuesday, April 7, 2015, in the presence of the representatives of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ), the National Association of Haitians Magistrates (ANAMAH) of the Ministry of Justice and the Office of Citizen Protection (OPC), the country's appeal court has re-elected the acting judge Max Elibert as a representative of the entity, whose term had expired in the last year on July 3, 2014. He was re-elected by his colleagues with a strong support of 23 votes against his two other contenders, Mr. Durin Duret Junior, the President of the ANAMAH (6 votes), and Mr. Alténor Barthelemy (4 votes).

Mr. Elibert, while welcoming his victory, has expressed his belief that this victory has confirmed that the magistrates of the courts of appeal has understood his struggle and contribution in establishing a strong and independent judiciary in the country. However, he has mentioned the difficulties in the coordination and cooperation between the CSPJ and the Ministry of Justice before thanking the judges who has re-elected him.

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Modernization of Haiti Penal Code to be approved

The Haitian government formed the Presidential Commission for the Reform of Justice for the task of updating Haiti's penal code that has now been in existence 180 years. The Commission is composed of Me Jean Joseph Exume, who is president, and colleagues Me Jean Vandal, and Me Sybille Theard Mevs.

Although the Commission worked jointly on bringing the Code current, Me Exume did special work independently, using a technical committee to make some major changes by incorporating the latest penal laws into the reworked Code.

At the National Palace on 3/13/2015 Me Exume turned over the revised Code to President Martelly. On this momentous occasion Prime Minister Evans Paul; Minister Pierre Richard Casmir of Justice and Public Security; President Me Jules Cantave of the Superior Council of the Judiciary; Parliament members; and members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps and civil institutions were present.

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Jean-Max Bellerive and Laurent Lamothe most clarify contracts to Estrella

What do the Haitian population need to do in order to get some clear and straight talk from both Former Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and Laurent Lamothe on the distribution of contracts following the 2010 Haiti earthquake? Will that remain a mystery for ever? Are these two going to be allowed to run in the next election without giving some explanation?

I demand an explanation!

According to a report just release by the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative (CSC/CA), the find that most of the contract issued following the 2010 earthquake, irregular. The report also suggested that the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative has serious suspicions on the way these contract wwere given to foreign companies. The report also estimated that 68% of the contract were awarded to three foreign companies; that various abuses were recorded

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Corrupt Haitian Government receives U.S Aid to avoid Economic Collapse

U.S. State Department has issued its Fiscal Transparency Report (FTR) for 2014. The report analyzes governments' transparency in the preparation of their budgets, for them to qualify to receive foreign aid. However there are some countries that are still recipients of U.S. aid despite not meeting fiscal transparency criterion. The State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) was given $46.9 billion from the Treasury for the 2014 fiscal year. A total of 50 nations failed in 2014 to meet the minimum standards of budget transparency.

Haiti continues to receive U.S. aid because its circumstances are direst among poor countries in the western hemisphere. According to Executive Director Bob Perito of consultancy company, The Perito Group, Haiti is bereft of education and health systems. It also has neither a sanitation system nor running water.

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USA Reforming Haitian Government Through Konpetans Ak Konesans Teknik

The "Konpetans ak Konesans Teknik" (KONEKTE) or "the program of skills and technical knowledge" is an effective support program by the US government to introduce modernization in public administration and renewals of public services in Haiti. It is a strategic partnership between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Haiti to strengthen Haiti's human and other resources in creating a more viable sustainable Haiti. The program was launched in November 2012 by USAID with objectives to enhance the capacity constraints in Haitian Ministries.

It identifies potential areas and places experienced technical advisors in critical posts to support proper execution of Haitian government's action plans towards development and recovery. It provides expertise in recruitment, promotion, and advancement to develop an efficient system of civil service management in the Government of Haiti. The Ministries that are currently receiving support of KONEKTE program are: the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (with respect of development of reading skills and training in education), the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (with respect to developing the social protection system), the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (with respect of agricultural products and pricing policies).

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Envelops of Cash handed out to Haitian Journalists by Martelly Government

Radio Kiskeya has reported that in an attempt to bribe some news reporters, the Martelly Government proceeded in the distribution of cash to journalists covering him. According to Liliane Pierre-Paul, on December 23, 2014, several journalists were invited to the National Palace where envelops filled with cash were handed to them. Some of the envelops contained 50,000 gourdes and others, 40,000 gourdes.

As he was handing out these envelops to various news reporters in the room, according to the report, President Michel Martelly told them "By Piti Pa Chic".

Lucien Jura, the Presidential Spokesperson, was in charge of this operation, according to the declaration by Liliane Pierre-Paul who thinks this was an obvious attempt to bribe these reporters. She also reported that the reporters from Radio kiskeya who accepted these envelops have been sanctioned by the Radio Station

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Himmler Rebu revealed corruption and abuse at the Minister of Sport

Taking an opportunity offered to him by Liliane Pierre-Paul of Radio Kiskeya and Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000, Colonel Himler Rebu brought some shocking information he learned in the Minister of Sport that he had the chance to manage for the past Nine months. The Colonel gave us a glance on how the Minister has been operating and it is likely to make any citizen of this land very sad.

Here is some of the things mentioned: History of sexual aggression, pedophile placed in position to hurt children, allowing foreigners to involve in human trafficking of our children, Minister having a debt of over 58 million gourdes, more than 100 employees of the Minister never work but collect their checks monthly, Former Minister paying employees for their private businesses with funds from the minister.

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List of Haitian presidents removed from office or ousted in Coup D'Etat

Haiti became an independent country on January 1, 1804. For the past 210 years since the first day of its independence, the country has had 44 Presidents so far. There is a very amusing and unprecedented fact behind the reign of these 44 Presidents-- 23 of them were ousted in Coup D' Etat. The story of ousting Presidents started with the first leader of the nation, Henri Christophe, who was a former slave and a key leader of the Haitian Revolution. He was elected President of the State of Haiti on 17 February 1807. Christophe committed suicide by shooting himself with a silver bullet rather than risking a coup and assassination. Since then the game of Coup D' Etat never seems to end in Haiti. Here is the list:

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