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New Ministerial cabinet formed in Haiti

The list of the new Ministerial Cabinet was published yesterday (Sunday, January 18), with inauguration scheduled to take place today at 4:00PM at Haiti National Palace

Here is the complete list:

Yves Germain Joseph, Minister of Planning and External Cooperation

Duly Brutus, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship;

Pierre Richard Casimir, Minister of Justice and Public Security;

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Evans Paul to form his de facto cabinet within the next 2 days

In an interview given to Radio host Valery Numa this morning, de facto Prime Minister Evans Paul announced that he will form his government by the end of this week. The new de facto government will likely enter in function immediately since there is no parliament to ratify the choices.

Who are likely to be part of this new de facto government headed by Evans Paul? Here are some key Ministerial positions that the Haitian population and experts in Haitian politics will be looking at closely to see the direction of the ne government.

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Since Haitians can't agree, will a solution be imposed after January 12?

On Monday, Haiti will marks the fifth anniversary of the 2010 earthquake, but also the beginning of a new and dangerous political era. The Haitian governmewnt will be functioning without a functioning legislative government, an unknown number of Prime Ministers and Ministerial Cabinets and a CSPJ without President

After Monday, the terms of many of the parliaments will be expired, making it impossible to form a quorum.

Many in the opposition accused President Michel Martelly of allowing the parliament to expire in purpose in order to rule by decree. This is something he has already been done with the Martelly government with local municipalities. Many of Haiti's local municipalities are now run by appointed managers with decree form the President

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Extraordinary session in Parliament postponed due to lack of quorum

Only 70 Deputies and 16 Senators were present to respond to the request of convocation of the National Assembly in extraordinary session by President Martelly to Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras. Among the Group of 6, only Jean William jeanty was present to participate in the session.

The National Assembly that was delayed due to a lack of attendance by the members had a long agenda. However, the most important items are the ratification of the amendments to the electoral law and ratification of the General Policy of the Prime Minister, Evans Paul.

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Gouvenman an lakay ou" Program, in La Gonave,

On Saturday, 13 September 2014, on the eve of the 10th Edition of the "Gouvènman an lakay ou" Program, in La Gonâve, the Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe in the presence of the President Michel Martelly accompanied by several other important ministers, has expressed his government's commitment to support the people of Gonâve to develop their home island. Such development assistance is a part of the government's program to develop the islands in Haiti such as, La Tortue, Ile-à-Vache and La Gonâve.

Initially, the government will provide a funding of 1,750,000 gourdes to a conglomerate of 20 different merchant associations of La Gonâve to benefit its total 300 members engaged in fishing and agriculture. Further, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will provide 50,000 gourdes each to 48 small and medium enterprises. A forum will be built for the development and regulation of the fishing sector. Some fishing equipments like fishing boats, motors, ice boxes fishing igloo, fishing kits, etc had already been provided to these associations.

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Haiti next Prime minister: Herve Day, Charles Jean Jacques or Evans Paul

On Wednesday, December 24, the list for the next Haiti Prime Minister got shorter. Following a consultation with presidents of the twp chambers, President Michel Martelly has decided that the net Haiti Prime Minister will be either Herve Day, Charles Jean Jacques or Evans Paul.

President Martelly is expected to select the next Prime Minister on Christmas Day, this Thursday December 25, 2014.

Although the final name has not been released yet, many people have the suspicion that eventually it will be Evans Paul, the former leader of Konvansyon Inite Demokratik, (KID).

So what do you think?

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Administrative Information Center Facilitates Access to State and Local Services

The Haitian government, as part of reform efforts, has modernized its administrative services to better serve the citizenry. It now has computerized services citizens can request by telephone, the Internet, or at state or local offices. The government, under this new system, has a portal on its home page, which directs users to whatever department they need services from. This new system now enables the government to offer quality service by making information from government and public agencies easier to obtain.

The new department, the Administrative Information Center (AIC), provides its services for free. Before the AIC was built by GENINOV, a Haitian-Canadian partnership, citizen complaints about government and public institution services was chronic. Complaints focused on the difficulty of trying to maneuver the byzantine process to get services needed, and the frustration of a lack of information on how to proceed to access needed services. Office of Management and Human Resources (OMRH) General Coordinator, Uder Antoine, recognized it had become necessary to establish a modern system to meet the needs of the public to access and utilize state and local services.

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Solutions proposed by the Consultative Commission

The Presidential Consultative Commission has done its job. On December 9, 2014 in a ceremony at the National Palace, the members presented presented the work of the Commission to President Michel Martelly with their recommendations.

There solutions are based on conjunctural measures, structural measures and patriotic sacrifices

  • Their recommendations include the immediate release of political prisoners
  • The resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and his Government to paves the way for the formation of a consensus government
  • The resignation of the President of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ);
  • The resignation of the members of the current Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to allow the formation of a new CEP.
  • The adoption of a truce by the different political components and a meeting between the President of the Republic and both chambers for the assessment and implementation to the present solution.

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Haiti Passes Anti-Trafficking Law

A form of slavery called restavek exists in Haiti, dealing in child trafficking. An international agency index reports over 209,000 Haitians are captives of human traffickers, many children among them. President Martelly's government has passed an anti-trafficking law to address problems of, not only restavek, but human trafficking in general. Before the law can be put into effect, an infrastructure needs building. On the first front, the Haitian National Police must be instructed how to respond to reports of human trafficking, intervention methods, and dealing with courts and social services.

Haitian law uses the term "trafficking in persons" as mobilization, conveyance, and ". . . receipt of persons by means of threat, or . . . use of force . . ." Also, bribing ". . . to achieve consent of a person having control over another person for . . . exploitation." The law specifies activities such as forced labor, prostitution, procurement, pornography to be "trafficking in persons." For youths not yet 18, the law will protect them because it does not require burden of proof, concerning coercion or fraud in restavek situations.

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Deputy Jacques Stevenson Thimoleon raised concerns for PSP

On Monday, November 10, 2014, the Prime Minister's spokesman, Pierre Michel Brunache, released a statement saying that there was no bad blood between Parliamentarians for Stability and Progress (PSP) and the Haitian Government following the comment made by Deputy Jacques Stevenson Thimoléon that has been interpreted to mean, among other things, that there is friction between the two entities. Thimoléon's comment, stating his belief that the government's "bad faith" has been the reason behind the obstruction of the Lower House, was made at the staging of the 42nd Council of Government. This statement from the President of the Chamber of Deputies has given many the impression that relations between the government and the PSP is at an all-time low.

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