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Deputy Arnel Belizaire brutal assault on Minister Phelito Doran

There is a major problem growing with Deputy Arnel Belizaire. The deputy of Tabarre some how manages to create an atmosphere of intimidation in the government of Michel Martelly. The Haitian Government denounces and strongly condemns the latest action by the Deputy of Tabarre, a brutal assault on Minister Phélito Doran. This took place on June 25, 2014, in full session at the Chamber of Deputies. Additionally, it was reported that Deputy Arnel Belizaire made death threats against the Minister Phélito Doran.

I would like to say that there is definitely a problem with Deputy Arnel Belizaire and it must be addressed. Deputy Belizaire has been able to get away with too much and unfortunately, the more you give him, the more he will take from you. He so far has been very successful to the point where his behaviors are currently affecting the core principles of our attempt to create a Democratic society.

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Senator Andris Riche proposed change in the Provisional Electoral Council

On Wednesday, the dialogue between the Executive and the Senate failed, which made President Martelly, through a request from the Senate President, Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras, grant an ultimate and small delay to the Senators. The Senate president is trying again to convince the opposition senator members of G6, Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aîmé (NorthEast), FranckyExius (South), Jean-Charles Moïse (North), WestnerPolycarpe (North), Jean William Jeanty (Nippes) and John Joël Joseph (West),aboutvice-president of the Senate, Senator Andris Riché's, proposal. The proposal had been presented before the house on Tuesday and was supported by majority of the senators.

In his presentation, Senator Andris Riché had proposed a change of two members in the Provisional Electoral Council--a representative of the Parliament and one of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ). He also suggested the maintenance of Me Néhémy Joseph (Senate) and Léopold Berlanger (CSPJ) in the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP).

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U.S. Congress Certifies Haiti Ready to Hold Elections

Haiti has taken another step toward becoming a stronger democracy. The U.S. government has certified the government of Haiti (GOH) has made a good faith effort to combat government corruption with the passage of a new anti-corruption law. President Martelly signed the legislation that severely penalizes government officials, including doing jail time, for misappropriation of government funds and other corruption activities in defiance of the new law.

Martelly also appointed a new provisional electoral council (PEC) to prepare a ballot for legislative and local elections, scheduled to be held later this year. Of the thirty members of the senate seated, 20 of them will be replaced, and members of the Chamber of Deputies will be completely re-sat. Now that the PEC has been appointed, Haiti is ready to hold free and fair elections, delayed for over two years.

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Phelito Doran appointed Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister

The Prime Minster's office of Communication has sent letters to newsrooms informing the Haitian general public that Pheklito Doran has been appointed Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister. She will be in charge of the relations of the office of the prime minister, with Parliament. She will succeed Ralph Théano and her appointment has been approved by the President. Before her appointment, Phelito Doran was Chamber of Deputies president in the Haitian 47th legislature. This move is one of the latest changes after the cabinet shake-up which happened after the El Rancho accord that was entered into by the various Haitian government branches.

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Francois Guillaume II has new plan for Haitians Living Abroad

Francois Guillaume II is the new minister for Haitians living abroad (MHAVE). He had a meeting on Friday with Ministry staff. At this meeting he emphasised that everyone within MHAVE should be considered collaborators in a close and mutually respectful working relationship. There would be many challenges, but they would face them together.

The meeting was focused on the Haitian diaspora. Francois Guillaume emphasised the importance of the diaspora pointing out that the first minister of Haiti was one among this group. He stressed that members of the diaspora would collaborate with MHAVE to improve the image of Haiti overseas. He had a plan of action and list of objectives which included launching a campaign to improve Haiti's image abroad as well as carrying out a census of the distribution. Also, to ensure that members of the diaspora were kept informed of MHAVE's activities, representatives of the ministry would set up meetings and forums in every major city with a significant Haitian contingent to achieve this end. An agreement was expected to be signed with the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

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Michel Pierre Brunache, new spokesperson of the Prime

Brunache's Dual Role as SAPA Spokesperson and Minister of Justice and Public Safety

Michel Pierre Brunache has been serving in the top echelons of the government of Haiti (GOH) since 2004. He received his law degree at the University of Haiti, and then earned a post-graduate degree in Human Rights from the University of Fribourg. Returning to Haiti, he worked as an attorney at the Bank of the Republic of Haiti, and also at a private law firm.

He began life in public service when President Boniface Alexandre appointed him Chief of Staff at the start of Alexandre's administration. When Gary Conille became Haiti's 15th Prime Minister, he appointed Brunache Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and later Minister of Justice.

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Installation of Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative

The induction of ten new appointees to the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (CSC/CA) occurred at the new building of CSC/CA. On hand for the swearing-in ceremony was President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe. Deputy Stevenson Thimoleon, President of the Lower Chamber of Parliament, and Me Anel Joseph, Judiciary Superior Council President, were also present, along with other high-profile government officials and civil service professionals.

The ten new judges sat solemn-faced during Martelly's induction speech as he talked about the grave responsibility their position brings with it. It is up to them, Martelly said, ". . . to ensure regularity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the use of public funds . . ." He referenced certain clauses of the Haiti Constitution that defines the Judges' role as arbiters of the lawful administration of the states' financial matters. It was the public's trust the Judges would be called upon to honor, Martelly emphasized, and they must always carry out their duties with ". . . vigilance and . . . willingness . . ." and to use the regulatory environment as their guide.

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Haitian Ministry of Public Works Receives Global Engineering Award

The 2010 earthquake flattened Port-au-Prince, reducing to rubble many public buildings and homes, an estimated 413,000. The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), with the backing of the government of Haiti (GOH) repair program, restored 10,000 homes in the capital city and elsewhere since the disaster.

The Engineering News Record (ENR), a publication of the engineering industry, awarded the tripartite collaboration of Haiti's Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Telecommunications (MTPTC); PADF; and Miyamoto International (MI) for excellence in the Renovation/Repair bracket in the "Global Best Projects" (GBP) competition.

The GBP selection committee rated the entries according to recognized standards of safety, innovation, and participation in improvements to local/international construction requirements. Quality of workmanship and team coordination were also factors considered during the review. MTPTC, PADF, and MI will be given the award at ENR's Global Construction Summit in mid-May.

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Michel Presume, New Secretary of State for Planning in Haiti

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, the Haitian Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe who is also the Minister of Planning and External Cooperation (MPCE), introduced Michel Présumé as the new Secretary of the State for Planning in Haiti. The Senator Wencesclas Lambert and other senior officials from the Ministry were present during this installation ceremony. During the occasion, the Prime Minister has mentioned the integrity of Michel Présumé, the new Secretary of the State for Planning and has urged the employees of the institution to work cohesively to achieve a convincing result on their mission.

He has announced that Michel Présumé has been selected to his new responsibility both by himself and the Haitian President Michel Martelly because of his dedicated nature, honesty and patriotism. Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation (MPCE) is one of the most important ministries in Haiti that co-ordinates every major projects across the country. Last year, it had identified, funded and coordinated 190 projects successfully and achieved their expected results. In the current year, there are almost 200 important projects and their successes depend solely on the expertise and experience of the participants in the department.

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Emmanuel Menard replaced Bernard Desgraff at (ONA)

Breaking news, Bernard Desgraff has been housted at the head of the National Insurance Office for the Elderly in Haiti(ONA). he was replaced by none other than Jean Marie Vianney Emmanuel Ménard, former President of the Transitional College of the Permanent Electoral Council (CTCEP).

I would call this as two interesting changes made by the Martelly Lamothe Government and in deed surprising. Who would have imagined that the famous Bernard Desgraff would end up out in the street and cold after all he has been through with the union group of ONA?

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