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Michel Martelly Issues Commission of Electoral Evaluation Decree

On Thursday, December 17, 2015, after repeated allegations against the CEP and BCEN, the outgoing President Martelly ordered the creation of a special commission by virtue of the power of section 136 of the Constitution and the Decree of 17 May 2005, to assess the condition of the country's remaining electoral process scheduled to be held on December 27, 2015. Since the second runoff of the presidential election has been deferred and rescheduled for January 17, 2016 and two of the five commission members and their platforms were unwilling to participate in the commission, the commission has been reorganized with few changes on December 22nd. As per New York Times news report, the October 25 election was marred by so much ballot tampering, illegal voting and other abuses that it could be denounced as 'illegitimate'. The second place winner Jude Celestin has said, the October election and its consequential results were "ridiculous farce". As per Prime Minister Evans Paul, the main objective of this Commission would be to create political stability in the country and ensure that the entire voting process is transparent and free from all biases.

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Commission of electoral evaluation finally installed

Late yesterday, at the hotel Kinam in Petionville, the Independent Commission of Electoral Evaluation was finally installed. Prime Minister Evans Paul proceeded to the installation of the Independent Commission of Electoral Evaluation with two of the members replaced. Here is the new composition:
Mgr Patrick Aris,
Pastor Armand Louis,
Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste,
Me Gédéon Jean and
Rosny Desroches

Prime Minister Evans Paul insisted that the Government will assure that the commissions operate with total independence aimed at bring out the truth. The Commission has until December 30th to provide their recommendations to the executive and the CEP

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New decree for the creation of Commission of Electoral Evaluation

In a Decree issued on December 16, 2015, President Martelly created a commission called Commission of Electoral Evaluation. This mission of this new commission is to guarantee tramsparency, credibility and legitimity of the electoral process. The Commission is composed as follows :

Mr Rony Desroches
Mgr Patrick Aris
Mr Joseph Emmanuel Charlemagne (Manno)
Mrs Euvonie Georges Auguste
Mr Anthony Pascal (Kompe Filo)

Article 3 of this Decree gives both candidates qualified for the second round the possibility to appoint a representative to attend the proceedings of the Commission

Haitian Kreyol:

Nouvo dekrè pou kreyasyon yon Komisyon Evalyasyon Elektoral

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Prezidan Ayisyen pral jwenn 250,000 goud pansyon chak mwa

Anmey! Yon sel Biznis ki pi pwofitab an Ayiti se Gouvènman. Pandan ke popilasyon an ap vin pi pòv, gouvènman ayisyen an ape asire sekirite li. Yon nouvo dekrè ki pibliye nan jounal ofisyèl "Le Moniteur" pral fè prezidan nou an pi pi rich. Prezidan Repiblik la ap resevwa yon pansyon 250,000 goud yon fwa chak mwa. Koulye a, mwen konprann pou ki sa chak ayisyen vle vini Prezidan.

Ki sa ou panse?

Ou pa vle vini yon Prezidan?

The only profitable business in Haiti remains Government. While the population is getting poorer and poorer, the Haitian government is assuring that its future is secure. A new decree published in issue 205 of the official newspaper "Le Moniteur" will make our presidents much richer. From now on, the President of the Republic will receive a monthly pension of 250,000 gourdes once living office. Now I understand why every Haitian wants to be President

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Haitian President will get 250,000 Gourde Monthly Pension

As per a new decree published in the issue of 205 of the Official Gazette "Le Moniteur" on the Civil Retirement Pension plan, certain modifications offering additional benefits, have been made for the eligible government employees and the members of the government. As per the new rules, some of the senior members of the Government would get monthly pension in the following manner: President of the Republic 250,000 gourdes (US$ 4450); Prime Minister 150,000 gourdes (US$ 2670); Senator 58 years old (with less than 60 months of service) 15,000 gourdes (US$ 267); Deputy (with less than 60 months of service) 12,000 gourdes (US$ 215). The pensions will be disbursed from the Treasury. The new decree would improve the benefits prescribed under two earlier decrees, viz. Decree of February 18, 2011 and 6 October 2004. In comparison, the monthly pensions of top government representatives in other neighboring countries are as follows: President Barrack Obama, US$16,800; Prime Ministers (Trinidad and Tobago) US$8,000, Prime Ministers in Jamaica, roughly US$3,500; President of Guyana US$ 6,000.

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"Ti Manman Cheri" Changer to Ti Manman Cheri Tou nef

"Ti Manman Cheri", or "Dear Little Mother", is a program of Haitian government, which started with initial sponsorship of the Venezuelan government ($15 million or £9.5 million) in 2012. The scheme used to pay $20 (£13) cash credit per month to the mother who sends their children schools regularly. To ensure its sustainability and effectiveness, on Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 at the Alpha Hotel, in the presence of the Mayor of the town of Aquin, Gilbert Buteau, the Director of Fight against Poverty of Fund for Economic and Social Assistance (FAES) has renamed and launched a revised version of the earlier program as "Ti Manman Cheri Tou Nèf (New)". From now on, each pre-registered mother engaged in selected industries will be entitled to parent credit up to 5,000 gourdes, through a micro credit bureau by creating individual groups termed as "Deposit Solidarity Group" (GCS) consisting three to six members.

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Haitian President will get 250,000 Gourde Monthly Pension

Prezidan Ayisyen Pral Jwenn 250,000 Goud Pansyon Chak Mwa

(Haitian President will get 250,000 Gourde Monthly Pension)
As per news dated November 30, 2015, a new decree on 'Civil Retirement Pension' published in the issue 205 of the official Gazette "Le Moniteur" has been made to modify two earlier decrees on the same subject dated October 6, 2004 and February 18, 2011.

The new decree has introduced mechanisms to improve the conditions of the members of the Government and the retiring persons who were engaged in the public service, like teachers, police, etc. It has specified revised rules on access to the retirement plan, conditions of entitlement and amounts of benefits under the plan. As per the new rules, some of the senior members of the Government would get monthly pension in the following manner: President of the Republic 250,000 gourdes; Prime Minister 150,000 gourdes; Senator 58 years old (with less than 60 months of service) 15,000 gourdes; Deputy (with less than 60 months of service) 12,000 gourdes. The pensions would be payable from the Treasury.

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Watch Groups Against Martelly's Decree Modifying Mining Act

Civil society watch groups are not happy with the modifications recommended by Martelly administration on the Mining Acts. The constitution mandates Statutes related to the gold and other mineral exploitation should be passed by the act of a parliament, never by the decree of a caretaker President.

Camille Chalmers, the executive secretary of the PAPDA (Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development) has reminded the Bureau of Mines and Energy (BME) that the present moratorium on the issue of mines in the country took shape through a resolution passed by the Senate of the Republic in 2013. He has further said that the content of the decree is very worrying because it was prepared without consulting any concerned entity or civil society organization and it would jeopardize parliament's power of ratification. According to Chalmers, the proposed decree is the brain-work of the World Bank, the Haitian government and some players from the Haitian private sector. It would "poison the already degraded environment of the country.

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Haiti Superior Court of Audits questions Fiscal Report Irregularities

Haiti's Superior Courts and Administrative Disputes (CSCCA) has released its report for the 2013- 2014 fiscal year, citing many irregularities in it. Chief among alleged misappropriation of funds is the abuse of the 2012 emergency law enacted to provide relief to Haitians that experienced crop losses and damage to their properties as a result of storms Isaac and Sandy. The report claims underhanded handling of contracts by the government in backroom deals with suspiciously high amounts and obfuscation of the details.

The CSCCA found 33% of 30 projects were non-existent paid out of Petrocaribe funds. Of those 33%, 13% had "serious irregularities". CSCCA will audit those projects to find out who is defrauding the Haitian people.

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Launch of Social Security Project by OFATMA

On Monday, September 21, 2015, Dr. Max Rudolph Saint-Albin, the Director General of OFATMA (Insurance Office of Industrial Occupational Accidents, Sickness and Maternity) during a press conference, has reported the progress and advancement of his institution. He took the opportunity to announce about a social security project and his organization's plan to rationalize the insurance sector so that it can bring more people under the insurance umbrella.

Out of the total, about half a million insured in Haiti, the number of insured under OFATMA is about 80,000 officers from the Public sector. OFATMA is presently partnered in Haiti with 44 hospitals, 124 doctors, funeral homes and pharmacies. Although accident insurance to the industries under cover is mandatory, but sickness and maternity benefit covers are optional. The emergency care covers provided through OFATMA partners are free of charges provided it is claimed honestly.

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