Watch Groups Against Martelly's Decree Modifying Mining Act

Civil society watch groups are not happy with the modifications recommended by Martelly administration on the Mining Acts. The constitution mandates Statutes related to the gold and other mineral exploitation should be passed by the act of a parliament, never by the decree of a caretaker President.


Camille Chalmers, the executive secretary of the PAPDA (Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development) has reminded the Bureau of Mines and Energy (BME) that the present moratorium on the issue of mines in the country took shape through a resolution passed by the Senate of the Republic in 2013. He has further said that the content of the decree is very worrying because it was prepared without consulting any concerned entity or civil society organization and it would jeopardize parliament's power of ratification. According to Chalmers, the proposed decree is the brain-work of the World Bank, the Haitian government and some players from the Haitian private sector. It would "poison the already degraded environment of the country.

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Subject: Watch Groups Against Martelly's Decree Modifying Mining Act edit

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