Haiti National Radio Television (RTNH) Experienced Technical difficulties as Moise Jean-Charles intervenes

Was this a pure case coincidence, luck for the Government, or was it intentional?


Following the sudden interruption of the retransmission several Senators went on publicly to denounce the action of Haiti National Radio Television (RTNH), wanting RTNH to terminate its retransmission altogether. Senate President Dieuseul Simon Deras solved the issue by proposing to conduct an investigation about the incident.

Until a current investigation determines the nature of the technical failure presumably experienced by the National Radio Television (RTNH) during an intervention by Senator Moïse Jean-Charles at the meeting convened by the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, people on the media have been forming different opinions.

Just a reminder. We are talking about a possible case where a National Television station, the only televised media at the meeting being selective on who to let the Haitian public listen to and who not to let the public listen to. National Radio Television (RTNH) by the way is a public entity, and unless I am living in Communist China or North Korea, this should not be allowed
Do you think is was intentional or just a coincidence?

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Television Nationale Of H says...

about the discuss about nation radio television rthn experience technical.

its is really helpful or informative details.

i like your

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Lucien says...

Why all this fuss?

What was the outcome of the blackout during the inaugural ceremony of president Martelly?

First that boycott was bigger than this mess and nothing has been done about it, so

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Neganho says...

mimose wether you like moise or not this is a public radio station founded by the people of haiti not by michel martelly.

in most democratic countries the person in charge will be under fire. i don t know where you live, in the united states if a republicain senator goes on the radio make a statement that president obama don t like and something like that happened specially if it is tax payer s funding, the radio station will be under investigation.

ke ou renmen moise oubyien ou rayil .li gen dwa fe intevansyion sou radio leta kise pa pwopriete prive ni lamorthe ni

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To Pe-a says...

A country receives the government it deserves.

This is also true for Haiti unfortunately.

Until we can collectively make better decisions for our future, we will continue to have Presidents like Michel Martelly who will appoint people who are not qualified for the job like Laurent Lamothe.

The government will appoint people like those currently in charge of RTNH.

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To Pe-a says...

Ke Nou Vle Ke Nou Pa Vle, Moise ap Presidan kan Minm. Se li sel ke Pep la Kwe Kap defan yo.

Moise Jean Charles, Kontinye ve ye yo. Se yon bann jwisser ki nan povwa

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Pale Kare says...

All Moise Jean Charles is doing is playing politic and setting the stage for Lavalas.

he has one mission which is to destabilize the Government of Michel Martelly

This was good not to let him

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Mimose Legrand says...

Moise Jean-Charles can not control his mouth.

He is a problem for Haiti and the development of the country.

In most counties in the world, he would have been in jail for telling so much stories that have any truth to them.

Moise Jean-Charles is working with a group of group of foreigners who have only one purpose to destabilize

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Jackson E says...

Are we living in a communist system or yet, is the Duvalier regime back in power.

I think this demands an investigation to see whether or not the action by RTNH was intentional

RTHN is only used for propaganda

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Subject: Haiti National Radio Television (RTNH) Experienced Technical difficulties as Moise Jean-Charles intervenes edit

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